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HVK Archives: Will the Tulba army turn against Pakistan?

Will the Tulba army turn against Pakistan? - The Organiser

Muzaffar Hussain ()
27 October 1996

Title: Will the Tulba army turn against Pakistan?
Author: Muzaffar Hussain
Publication: The Organiser
Date: October 27, 1996

Religious schools called madarsas, which were till yes-
terday supposed to be a boon to governments ruling in the
name of Islam, now seem to have turned into a curse. In
Pakistan, however, these madarsas did not provide ,Pupils
with education but did mould them into potent soldiers to
fight its battles. These tiny hands were given guns and
indoctrinated about battles on its fronts. These young-
sters having been armed with guns. do not mind killing

These students. trained as soldiers, called Tulba army,
were sent by Pakistan to Afghanistan for war.

Pakistan had two objectives in continuing the war in
Afghanistan. First, that in the name of war, Pakistan
could use these youngmen to forge an alliance between
Pakistan and Afghanistan. Secondly, along with Afghanis-
tan, use them as infiltrators into India for terrorist
activities. But with the passage of time, the Tulba have
taken a U-turn.

These Pakistan-trained madarsas 'students' do not with to
enter Kashmir seeing there the decline of militancy.
Observing a change in the Tulba posture, Pakistan seems
to have realised that it will have to fight against its
own Frankenstein one day. Therefore Pakistan is closing
down these madarsas. Sipah-i-Sahaba, the terrorist out-
fit, indulges in violence riding piggyback on these

Madarsas in Deoband and Bareilly are responsible for
Muslim fundamentalism in India. Earlier, these madarsas
were held responsible for sowing the seeds of Partition.
Now with the aim of establishing Darul Islam they are at
work in India and in the midst of India's secular tradi-
tion they are pursuing their separatist activities.

The revolt of the Imam Khomeini against the erstwhile
King of Iran too had its roots in the madarsas. Nazuk
and Kum cities of Iran had these madarsas of the Shia
sect. Maulanas agitated the minds of madarsas students
against the king. Imam Khomeini owed his success to
these madarsas. Later, the same madarsas students became
Mujahideens and some others Islamic guards. These stud-
ents had full freedom. They therefore, in the name of
religion, perpetrated heinous crimes that shook Iranians.
Such extremism does not last long. During Khomeini's
regime, the flood of such crime started receding. When
Hashim Rafsanjani took over the reins, he realized that
fundamentalism had put Iran on the verge of bankruptcy,
political, economic and social. Then before the students
could made it to the army barracks a movement to close
these madarsas was begun. For, Rafsanjani knew that these
madarsas were the reservoir to feed Islamic fundamental-

The world was aghast when a minister of Iran was reported
to have said by the press that parents should keep their
children away, from religious fanaticism. He added that
this insanity had brought ruin to Iran, and also, this
fanaticism itself had become dangerous for Islam.

Iran's deputy minister for education, Haarisi has said
that in the name of religion these children are shown the
door to the mosque and thus they remain miles away from
the modern education and the sports world. As such there
is neither childhood nor childlike curiosity, among them,
consequently their curiosity is brought to an end as also
their competitive spirit. Hence, physical and mental
development of children also came to a stop. In religious
madarsas students can neither argue nor ask questions.
Thus their argumentative faculties languish and they live
following an absolete tradition. If intellectuals are
not there in Iran then how will there be governance?
Where is the Iran which was always in the forefront in
sports in the Asiad and the Olympics? The time has come
to review these matters. If the citizens of Iran do not
enjoy good health, the whole country will become sick.
Then, in Iran, neither a Sohrab-Rustam nor any Omar
Khayyam or Sheikh Saadi will be born. Why is there no
Nobel prize-winner from Iran?

The minister further says that while reading the Koran or
performing namaz these children are told to keep quiet
for discipline. Beating up these children mullahs and
maulvis, kill their childhood. The influence on them is
not; wholesome owing to the fear of severe punishment.
During azan and namaz three times a day the whole of Iran
is found in mosques. Army personnel and scientists too
follow the same regime. How much is the country's loss
is difficult to evaluate. But it is Iran's national
loss. If Iran is saved only then will its religion,
madarsas or mosques be saved. When in the evening, there
are programmes for children on tv, they are forced to go
to mosques.

Iran's daily Islam writes that what Haarsi Saheb is
saying suggests that the soul of Raza Shah Phalvi, the
late King of Iran, has possessed him.

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