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HVK Archives: BJP most preferred party amongst CEOs

BJP most preferred party amongst CEOs - The Observer of Business and Politics

Observer Political Bureau ()
11 November 1996.

Title: BJP most preferred party among CEOs
Author: Observer Political Bureau
Publication: The Observer of Business and Politics
Date: November 11, 1996.

The Bharatiya Janata Party was the most preferred political party
among the chief executive officers in India. The Congress was
rated second and the ruling United Front coalition trailed in the
third place. This was the result of India's first opinion poll
conducted exclusively encompassing CEOs.

As many as 55% of the CEOs sampled in the country endorsed the BJP.
The Congress won the support of 32% of the corporate leaders polled
while the UF garnered the allegiance of only 5% of the CEOs. The
remaining 8% refused to disclose their plitical preference.

The findings reveal that the Congress' traditional support base in
the business community has diminished over the years. However, the
fact that the then Congress was the progenitor of the economic
reforms and liberalisation seems to have weighed with the CEOs who
rated the party higher for its perceived ability to "continue with
the economic reforms". Ironically, the BJP still managed to
compete with the Congress on "handling the economy responsibly" and
keeping inflationary pressures under control.

The BJP scores the maximum on the security issues, especially in
keeping the Pakistan's evil design in check. The BJP was the best
party in 'projecting the strategic interests with 'Pakistan'. Also
in the overall handling of the Indian foreign policy, the BJP
outscored the Congress by about a 10% margin.

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