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Anita Pratap, etc. - Daily

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
14 November 1996

Title : Anita Pratap etc
Author :
Publication : Daily
Date : November 14, 1996

Great Stuff on CNN yesterday following the mid-air
collision between two aircraft near Delhi. Anita Pratap
formerly of Times magazine, now of CNN, stated in her
breathless imitation of a firangi accent that "India's
record in air safety has been very poor" and that "The
Indira Gandhi airport may not have had the latest

Exactly ten minutes after this `gush-gush...I'am sooooo
anti-Indian" report went on the air, on CNN itself the
Editor of Flight International Kieran Daly said that "The
Air Traffic Control systems at the Indira Gandhi
International Airport could well be the envy of some of
the biggest Western airports" and further that "The air
safety record of India in civil aviation was very good"

Not to be undone by this Anita Pratap gushed further that
"The place where the planes have crashed is not even
connected by telephone"

Just minutes before this the BBC, God bless them on this
one, had conducted a telephonic interview with an eye-
witness living just a hundred yards or so from the site
of the crash... on the eyewitness' telephone!

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