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HVK Archives: Nayanar warns BJP-RSS of stern action

Nayanar warns BJP-RSS of stern action - The Hindu

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
03 November 1996

Title : Nayanar warns BJP-RSS of stern action
Author :
Publication : The Hindu
Date : November 03, 1996

The CPI(M) State secretariat,today accused the Sangh
Parivar of unleashing violence in Kerala even as the
Chief Minister, Mr. E. K. Nayanar, warned the RSS-BJP
combine of stern action.

in official press note issued here this evening. Mr.
Nayanar said the Government would face "such attacks and
street wars" and take strong measures to maintain peace.

Mr. Nayanar said the recent death of a BJP worker in
Kasaragod was In a clash between that party's activists.
It was to cover its shame that the BJP attacked the local
CPI(M) office. The BJP organised a bandh in Kasaragod
after that. In the capital. buses were stoned, the Uni-
versity and Sanskrit Colleges were attacked, the police
were manhandled and an attempt was made to storm the
Secretariat. The BJP men also attacked CPI(M) workers
without any provocation. At Kazhakuttam, not only CPI(M)
workers but two Congress(l) activists were also injured
in attacks by masked BJP men. It was because the police
checked this that a bandh was imposed on the people of
the district. No responsible political movement would
adopt such a stand, Mr. Nayanar said.

He charged the BJP-RSS combine with having unleashed
anti-social activities and looting exceeding all limits
in Kollam yesterday. They waged a street war, attacked
shops, destroyed buses, assaulted many people, including
the police, and manhandled journalists and news photogra-
phers. The office of the daily Madhayamam was ransacked.
Sticks, swords and knives were used in the street war
against the people and an atmosphere of terror was creat-
ed. There was no justification for this. The combine were
trying to incite riots by indulging in violence in each
district and attacking the police. The bandhs and
violence in five districts on different days showed that
It was part of a conspiracy hatched by the leadership of
the BJP-RSS combine.

Mr. Nayanar said he suspected that they had the backing
of the Congress(I). For, even after Congress(l) workers
became victims the party was not reacting. Mr. Nayanar
said his Government was democratically elected five
months ago. The by elections showed an increase in the
support for the Government. Programmes such as the one
involving the people in planning were well received. It
was because of their evil motive that the BJP chose the
very day the Prime Minister visited the State to "inaugu-
rate the programme to unleash violence," he added.

The CPI(M) State secretariat also charged the BJP and the
RSS with having deliberately unleashed violence In dif-
ferent parts of the State under the guise of observing
"anti-violence day." It said that Friday's incidents at
Kollam were clear proof of this.

Armed RSS-BJP workers who came from different parts of
the district smashed the entire town. the CPI(M) said.
They did not hesitate to attack even women and children
wayfarers. Many vehicles were destroyed and commercial
establishments and newspaper offices ransacked. People
carrying sticks with saffron flags tied to them went on a
rampage in the town and attacked the police too. No
establishment at Chinnakada, the heart of the town, was
spared. Hundreds of persons, including women and child-
ren, were Injured. The CPI(M) strongly protested against
the attack. The same persons organised a bandh in Kollam
today. It could not be seen as an isolated incident. the
party secretariat said.

The violence unleashed by the ABVP-RSS In the capital in
the name of the bandh in Thiruvananthapuram district and
in different parts of the State in the name of a class
boycott agitation showed that the Sangh Parivar was out
to create trouble. These actions were aimed at creating
the impression that the law and order had broken down in
the State. The propaganda by the UDF and the "monopoly
press" came in handy to the combine to attack the people.
The UDF and the "monopoly press" played down the attacks
by the RSS-BJP combine and characterised the Changanas-
sery and Parumala incidents as the CPI(M)'s and SFI's
politics of murder. The "monopoly press" bid to white-
wash even the most condemnable Kollam incident betrayed
their blind hatred for the CPI(M) and an anti-national
attitude. Blinded by hatred of the CPI (M), they were
making a mockery of truth. Why were those who campaigned
against and wrote editorials against bandhs keeping mum
about the series of bandhs being organised by the RSS-BJP

The CPI(M) urged the combine to end the attacks which had
become a threat to peaceful life. Attacks on the party
by raising the bogey of CPI(M) violence were becoming
attacks on the people as the Kollam incident showed. It
asked the combine not to think that it could isolate or
destroy the Communist and Left movements through such

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