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  • A M Rosenthal (in The New York Times)
    • Who says Israel is suffering?   The Afternoon - 27 November 1996
      • >>>New York : Long before Israel's election last spring, Benjamin Netanyahu's enemies, homegrown and Western, warned that if he won, the economy of Israel would swiftly be shot to bits. Direct foreign investment would plunge downward. So ...
  • A N Bajpal
    • Largest TU status likely for BMS   The Observer - 12 November 1996
      • >>>The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh is all set to be recognised as the country's largest trade union, as the standing committee for verification has given its verdict on different trade unions' membership claims. The provisionally verified rolls based on 1989 membership ...
  • A R Khan
    • Indian Muslims on test over Kashmir   The Hindustan Times - 2 September 1996
      • >>>This article is from an earlier data. It is being sent to indicate the thinking of the author at that time. The Indian state is secular, both in theory and practice. Although the specific word 'secular' was not mentioned as such in the original document, its spirit pervaded the ...
  • Amitabh Mattoo
  • Amulya Ganguli
    • Mark of ultra-right politics   The Indian Express - 14 November 1996
      • >>>A defining characteristic of ultra-right organisations of the sangh parivar, and of members of the extended parivar like the Shiv Sena, is a typical petty-minded attitude which fosters intolerance and combativeness. So it is that an allied outfit, the Hindu Munnani, has held back ...
  • Arun Chandra Guha
  • Arvind N. Das
    • Exiled to Sri Ram desh   The Hindustan Times - 24 October 1996
      • >>>This article is from an earlier data. It is being sent to indicate the thinking of the author at that time. Surinam hardly ever impinges on the consciousness of Indians. It is only if there is an aircrash there or a football hero of Surinamese origin like Ruud Gullit ...
  • Ashok Chowgule
    • Is the Ram Janmabhoomi movement anti_Muslim?   (no publication) - 21 November 1996.
      • >>>The Ram Janmabhoomi movement is the most important event of the post-independence era of India. It has completely altered the complexion of the politics, as well has drastically altered the reference point for evaluating many other aspects of our society. Hindutva has become the focus, instead of Marx. Those who have ...
  • Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • Danace Brook
    • Jemina's pregnant poses   The Mail on Sunday London - 3 November 1996
      • >>>They are the most fashionable ante-natal classes in Britain. Despite the fact that the philosophy is 5,000 years old and each hour-long lesson costs a mere =1C7, both Jemima Khan and Koo Stark swear by their yoga sessions. Jemima, the 22-year-old wife of former cricketer Imran ...
  • Dina Nath Mishra
    • A study in contrast   The Observer - 28 November 1996
      • >>>The events which followed the mid-air collision of Saudi and Kazhak flights resulting in the horrifying death of 351 passengers, provided a test for both the government and the public. The wreckage of the planes fell near Charkhi Dadri village of Bhiwani, about 60 km away from ...
    • Malicious propaganda   The Observer - 14 November 1996
      • >>>The basic concern of all the non-BJP parties is to stop the BJP from coming to power wherever they can, adopting whatever means possible. A type of veto is resorted to in the name of secularism. If the BJP is to be hurt, it is done in a most unethical, unconstitutional and crass ...
  • Durga Das
  • Editorial
    • Ticket to ride   The Indian Express - 26 November 1996
      • >>>Ram Vilas Paswan's recent public relations shindig in Delhi has had only one useful result: it has disabused the public of yet another of its cherished misapprehensions. There exists a sort of nebulous belief that shameless appropriation of the state machinery had ...
    • Costly smoke   The Times of India - 26 November 1996
      • >>>Dr Ali Baksh, former director-general of health services in Jammu and Kashmir, has puffed his way to freedom, and how! He admitted to paying up Rs 1.5 lakh for the 30 cigarettes he smoked in the two days he was held in captivity by militants. At Rs 5,000 a cigarette, that ...
    • High Flying   The Times of India - 26 November 1996
      • >>>Prime Minister H.D.Deve Gowda is rightly under fire for travelling with his family when he went on official business to Harare and Rome. Mr Gowda was accused of misreading the G-15 meeting in Harare as licence to take 15 other Gowdas with him, and treating the Food Summit as ...
    • The next Prime Minister   The Indian Express - 25 November 1996
      • >>>To view Congress president Sitaram Kesri's systematic purge of party functionaries as merely a feature of the battle against Narasimha Rao would be to miss the wood for the trees. Of course Kesri is showing the former Prime Minister his place and encouraging him to opt out ...
    • Quota Raj   The Times of India - 23 November 1996
      • >>>Prime Minister H. D. Deve Gowda's promise at a Dalit rally to consider extending job reservations to the private sector is a pernicious pursuit that would pervert the principles of social justice, vitiate industrial productivity and maim the market. This is competitive ...
  • Farzana Versey
    • Discovery of Nehru - II   Mid-day - 13 November 1996
      • >>>On Nehru's birth anniversary tomorrow, the idea is not to take away from the majesty of the individual, but to bring into focus the dilemmas that face human beings who are forced to be what they are not. As he could not give them the loin cloth ethnicity that ...
  • Gautham Machalah
    • Prehistoric man thrived here   The Times of India - 2 October 1996
      • >>>This article is from an earlier data. It is being sent to indicate the thinking of the author at that time. Extensive exploration by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in Karnataka has revealed that the pre-historic man thrived on the banks of the river Bhima in Raichur dis- ...
  • Inder Malhotra
    • Looming shadow of Lucknow   The Observer - 27 November 1996
      • >>>Less than six months ago, the fractured verdict in the Parliamentary election was overcome by the formation of the 13-party United Front which came to power with the backing of the Congress from `outside'. Hopes had then arisen that a new beginning towards federal functioning ...
  • J. D. Joglekar
  • John Torode
  • K G Suresh
  • K M Tampi
    • The violence of politics   The Hindu - 11 November 1996
      • >>>Though ideologically poles apart, the basic approach of both the CPI(M) and the Sangh. Both blindly believe in their ideology, both are intolerant of criticism and do not mind using force to protect the interests they represent. It is this attitude which has placed them on a ...
  • K N Pandita, Jammu - Letters to Editor
    • Think Pandits - a letter   The Pioneer - 19 November 1996
      • >>>Sir, Apropos of your editorial, 'Restoring Kashmir's ethos' (The Pioneer, November 9), some perceptions with regard to return and rehabilitation of the minority community and their demand for homeland have to be corrected.
  • K V Lakshmana
  • Krishnan Dubey and Venkitesh Ramakrishnan
  • Kuldip Nayar
    • No room yet for democracy   The Indian Express - 11 November 1996
      • >>>It is an open secret that Pakistan is run by a troika: Chief of the Army Staff, Prime Minister and President in that order. But whenever the Army Chief or the President, particularly, the former, has felt that the country was not being governed according to his light, he has ...
  • M V Kamath
    • Crime and (No) Punishment   Mid-day - 13 November 1996
      • >>>It is not always that the English language press is agreed on any one issue and even when it is, it is not always that it speaks with the same vehemence. And that, unfortunately, has once again been proved true in the case of Bahujan Samaj Party leader Kanshi Ram going ...
  • M. V. Kamath
    • Reminiscences of days past   Kanara Saraswat - 11 November 1996
      • >>>When I think of all the people I had met in the past fifty years and my personal encounters with them in a professional capacity, I can't help laughing at my own self. When I was young, I am afraid I was often brash and bold. Age, alas. does not seem to have worked any ...
  • Manoranjan Mohanty
    • Marxism and Materialism   The Times of India - 27 November 1996
      • >>>When China's President Jiang Zemin visits India shortly, he comes as the leader of a team which is seriously engaged in tackling social degeneration while leading a strong and prosperous country into the 21st century. As much became clear during the recently-concluded plenum of ...
  • Muzaffar Hussain
    • Talinam in Kabul - How long?   The Organiser - 17 November 1996
      • >>>What is happening in Kabul these days is sure to bring solace to the soul of the autocrat, late General Zia-ulHaq of Pakistan. In the course of his foreign policy General Zia had executed two army operations in 1980. One was Operation Topac, the other Operation Gibraltor. ...
    • Will the Tulba army turn against Pakistan?   The Organiser - 27 October 1996
      • >>>Religious schools called madarsas, which were till yesterday supposed to be a boon to governments ruling in the name of Islam, now seem to have turned into a curse. In Pakistan, however, these madarsas did not provide ,Pupils with education but did mould them into potent soldiers to ...
  • Narendra Panjwani and Rashme Sehgal
    • Sects and the new Indian   The Sunday Times of India - 10 November 1996
      • >>>The tonga drivers who taxi between Beas railway station and the dera accept only a low, fixed price for their service, and not a rupee more. In downtown Ahmedabad, Navin Shah. owner of a grocery store, has stopped selling cigarettes, He makes a loss of Rs 1,500 per month. but ...
  • Observer Political Bureau
  • Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr
  • Posted By Ashok V Chowgule
    • Advani's function at JNU cancelled   The Hindu - 19 November 1996
      • >>>Alarmed by the confrontationist stance adopted by a united Left and the isolated Right, the Centre for Spanish Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University's School of Languages today decided to cancel the book release function which was to be attended by the Bharatiya Janata ta ...
    • Anita Pratap, etc.   Daily - 14 November 1996
      • >>>Great Stuff on CNN yesterday following the mid-air collision between two aircraft near Delhi. Anita Pratap formerly of Times magazine, now of CNN, stated in her breathless imitation of a firangi accent that "India's record in air safety has been very poor" and that "The ...
  • Press Trust of India
  • R Brahmachari
  • Sadhana Karnad, Pune - Letter to Editor
  • Saeed naqvi
    • Defining a nation   Mid-day - 19 November 1996
      • >>>It was a relaxed social evening. Conversation meandered past a series of subjects when Richard Holbrooke, former assistant secretary of state, asked a group of Indian journalists in one corner of the room: "Was India a nation before the British arrived?" ...
    • Downhill in UP   Mid-day - 13 November 1996
      • >>>Uttar Pradesh Congress President Jitendra Prasad gave the game away the other day when, just before leaving for Lucknow, he said: "No one will form the government; governor's rule will continue." Since the governor is now denying that he will call the Bharatiya Janata Party ...
  • Sudheendra Kulkarni
  • T V R Shenoy
    • Hit and run   Mid-day - 1 November 1996
      • >>>Who, what, when, where, why, how - these six are supposed to be the foundation stones of all journalism. All I can say is that with such a foundation we have built a lopsided house. Because, make no mistake about it, some questions are ...
  • The Times Archives
  • UNI
  • V. V. Paranjpe
    • Secularism: Fact and Fiction   Mainstream - 12 October 1996
      • >>>This article is from an earlier data. It is being sent to indicate the thinking of the author at that time. Hindutva and secularism are the two burning topics of the day, ranged against each other like two anti-poles. Secularism is the new fashion word. While Hindutva is ...
  • Victoria L Farmer
    • What a TV epic did to India   The Hindu - 17 November 1996
      • >>>The relationship between media and communalism with the most far-reaching political implications is the connection between television programming and communal mobilisation. This is because, even though no explicit causeeffect linkage between television imagery and violence an e an ...
  • Vijay Simha
  • Vir Sanghvi
    • A change is coming   Sunday - 17-23 November 1996
      • >>>Are these the last days of the Deve Gowda government? The question may seem surprising at first. After all, the Prime Minister seems comfortably ensconced at Race Course Road. His family troops on to an Air India jet to join him on his trip to Zimbabwe. And it is hard to see how ...

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