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Christian Unholy Deeds - Blatant Vandalism By Christian Missionaries

Christian Unholy Deeds - Blatant Vandalism By Christian Missionaries

Location: Seetanagaram
Krishna River bank, Vijayawada
Andhra Pradesh India

On the banks of Krishna River, during the Holy season of Pushkara, Christian Pastors from the local church resorted to vandalism on Hinduism. The Christian Pastors encouraged the local and newly converted Hindus to spit on the photographs of several Hindu gods. They further stamped on the idols, photographs of Hindu deities and threw them in Krishna River. The police was a mute spectator for this entire drama, which took few hours.

As reported by Jagruti, on December 5th 2001, 20 women and 10 men came to Pushkarghat, of Krishna River by autos. Along with them they brought Hindu idols and photographs, which were concealed by a cloth. The local vendors initially mistook them for vendors like them and asked them to show what was in the concealed bags as they were afraid that they would lose their market to new comers. To the repeated questioning of the local vendors - P.Govindamma, Anumula Akkamma, Pothabathuni Venkateshwaramma who insisted on knowing the nature of the business, the women and men replied saying that they have brought these items to throw away in the River and are waiting for the pastors. All the thirty dragged idols which probably weighing around 100 kilograms. After half an hour Four Pastors joined the thirty and all-together, started stamping, spitting and breaking the idols. Throwing stones at them forcibly broke idols that resisted. A pastor by the name Andela Shyam took several photographs of the entire episode. The locals immediately complained to local police station that did nothing to prevent. The report reached the Daily Vartha, which was a Kilometer away. Then a representative from Undavalli Center of Local Telugu Daily "Vartha" and few others rushed to the spot to check the vandalism. All the while the 30 just converted and 4 pastors were continuing the ugly deeds. When protested and were tried to physically stop this vandalism, the pastors added that "go and complain to anyone you know, non-can stop us". This commotion attracted attention few more, the people who came to the spot curiously were shocked to see such blatant display of hatred. Seeing the increasing number of people who gathered, the 30 members and 4 pastors started running away. People chased them and caught hold of 5 who later were released unquestioned. Police reached the spot only after entire drama was over and said nothing can be done now.

Few swimmers got down into the river and brought back few idols that were thrown away. The idols belonged to Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Siva Lingas, Kanaka Durga, Shiridi Saibaba and so on.

RSS and VHP immediately requested and reminded Police that inaction by Police was responsible for such actions even in 1997 in the same location. Under the name of secularism, minority the rules are being bent to resort to such vandalism by Christian Missionaries many a time. Hindus often feel helpless as the system is against them and supports covertly the Christian Missionaries. The Christian missionaries are coming wherever they please; more specifically they are locating themselves very close to the Hindu temples and shrines. They harass and rag Hindus who visit, afraid of such ragging, and lack of protection, the visitors to these temples and shrines is reducing visibly.

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