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Terrorism against India: Who's to blame?

Terrorism against India: Who's to blame?

Author: Chidanand Rajghatta
Publication: The Times of India
Date: December 23, 2001

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf might deny it. The Bush administration might refuse to acknowledge it. But as far as the world media is concerned, Pakistan's role in nurturing and fomenting terrorism is beyond doubt.

Contrary to the widespread belief being built up in Pakistan that it is a victim of a Machiavellian Indian propaganda, media reports across the world have begun identifying the country as the source of terrorism. Reports, editorials and commentaries have begun to take note of the Musharraf regime's endorsement of terrorist activity against India. They have called for action by the General against terrorist groups.

Notably, there are no buyers for the rather absurd Pakistani theory that India had stage-managed the attack on its own Parliament to pin the blame on Pakistan. While the Wall Street Journal described the charge as laughable, the New York Times characterised it as blithe. The Washington Post said India had "credibly blamed" Pakistan-based terrorist groups.

Newspapers also backed India's right of self-defence and praised its restraint, while putting the onus on Pakistan and Gen Musharraf to crack down on terrorist groups. "Pakistan still hosts, trains and arms terrorist groups like the ones believed to have carried out the attack in New Delhi. President Musharraf has some serious explaining to do in the next few days as to what role Pakistani-based groups or the Pakistani government had played in the attack in New Delhi," The New York Post said in its editorial.

The Boston Herald was even more forthright, saying, "The Indian government has solid evidence that Pakistan-based terrorists are responsible for the attack on its Parliament. If Washington wants to avoid a war between two nuclear powers, it had better pressure our new ally, Gen Musharraf, to crack down on anti-Indian terrorism."

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