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Tribal leader accuses missionaries of 'terrorist' activities

Tribal leader accuses missionaries of 'terrorist' activities

Author: Times News Network
Publication: The Times of India
Date: December 30, 2001

Chand Lok, a tribal leader from the north-cast, alleged that Christian missionaries in Meghalaya are engaging in terrorist activities. Mr Lok alleged that the missionaries were forcefully converting the tribals to Christianity.

"My colleague Reejoy Singh, who was trying to stop the conversions, war kidnapped in March this year by Christian terrorists and is believed to have been killed;" Mr Lok stated at a press conference here recently.

He also said that later in the year in June the terrorists also attempted to kidnap him but their attempt was foiled.

Mr Lok is the general secretary of Seng Khi Lang, a social organisation working with 182 tribes in Meghalaya to create awareness about the need to preserve the cultural heritage of the tribals. The organization was formed in 1971 by Anderson Maori, a tribal Christian missionary who reconverted to his tribal religion. "Mr Maori reconverted because he could not tolerate the comments of the Christian missionaries who call the tribals pagan and uncivilised," said Mr Lok.

He alleged that the American Baptist church as well as the Roman Catholic Church were engaged in criminal activities.

He also said that the North Eastern Red Army and Hingtrop National Liberation council are the main organisations engaged in spreading terror in Meghalaya.

Mr Lok had filed a petition in the High court regarding the attempted kidnapping and the case is being investigated by the CBI. He also submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Meghalaya and the Prime Minister but is still.

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