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Washington must target Pak madrasas: US media

Washington must target Pak madrasas: US media

Author: Press Trust of India
Publication: www.expressindia.com
Date: December 4, 2001
URL: http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=5142

Washington, December 3: Islamic schools in Pakistan, charitable institutions in Saudi Arabia and immigrant ghettos in European cities should be targeted in the post-Taliban phases of the anti-terror war, even as efforts should be taken to change the leadership in Iraq, The Washington Post said.

"That search (for terrorist networks) should go wherever fresh intelligence leads it - it likely will lead to charitable institutions in Saudi Arabia, immigrant ghettos in European cities and Islamic schools of Pakistan before it finds its way to Saddam Hussein's Baghdad bunker," The Post said in its editorial.

The groundwork for regime change in Iraq can be laid by forging a more effective opposition, formulating a realistic political scheme for a post-Saddam regime, and making it clear to Arab and European states as well as Russia that action is essential and inevitable, it said.

Tightening sanctions and organising a last attempt tore turn UN weapons inspectors to Iraq could be part of the process, the report added.

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