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US no longer believes in zero sum game between India-Pak

US no longer believes in zero sum game between India-Pak

Author: Press Trust of India
Publication: www.expressindia.com
Date: December 8, 2001
URL: http://www.expressindia.com/fullstory.php?newsid=5295

Islamabad, December 7: The US no longer believes in playing a zero sum game in choosing between India and Pakistan and wants the two countries to bring down the tensions and begin a dialogue to resolve the Kashmir issue, US Ambassador to Islamabad Wendy Chamberlen says.

US is not going to choose between India and Pakistan and does not want to play the zero sum game in aligning with either New Delhi or Islamabad, she said in an interview to Pakistan state television.

"We are not going to choose between the two (countries). We value our relations with both India and Pakistan very much. Our relationship with Pakistan is about Pakistan. We look forward to develop and deepen our ties. It is not a zero sum game," she said when asked about who the US perceived to be an ally in between the two South Asian neighbouring nuclear powers.

Asked why the Unites States does not adopt a more 'pro-active' role in resolving the Kashmir issue, she said Washington believed that the dialogue was the first step to be taken between both the countries to resolve the differences.

"Dialogue is first step. It is not for US to determine what framework to be adopted by India, Pakistan and people of Kashmir to begin a dialogue," Chamberlin said.

"It is the absence of the fighting we are talking about. We believe in addressing the situation. That (violence) needs to be diminished. Tension in the area need to be kept down for dialogue and for negotiations. That is what we are urging," she said.

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