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India should follow Israel

India should follow Israel

Author: Ashoka Mehta
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: January 12, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/149257/India-should-follow-Israel.html

Kudos to Israel for its consistent bombing of Hamas infrastructure in the Gaza Strip despite mounting criticism by the international community. This is the only way one can successfully deal with terrorist organisations. War is a cruel business. But sometimes it is unavoidable. The Hamas, who are no saints themselves and have killed scores of innocent Israelis, need to be taught a lesson. In the ongoing Israeli military operations collateral damage is inevitable. But in the interest of greater peace, this is a small price to pay.

Our neighbour Sri Lanka too was forced to launch an all-out military offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam when protracted negotiations failed to yield any positive results and the latter kept repeatedly violating the ceasefire agreement. After the fall of Kilinochchi, which was the de facto capital of LTTE-held territories, the Sri Lankan Army is all set for a 'decisive blow' to the Tamil Tigers that will hopefully bring to an end the civil war that has raged for almost 30 years.

Colombo has rightly refused to negotiate with the Tigers and give in to Indian and world pressure to hold back their military operations.

In India we have the sterling example of Punjab, where Mr KPS Gill launched a no-holds-barred campaign to bring militancy there to heel. We must remember that by merely issuing warnings and beating one's chest nothing will change. The only way out is to tackle the problem of terrorism head-on and root out the menace completely.

We have tried our level best to enlist world support, but the international community has done little more than sympathise with us. No Indian Minister has given Pakistan any timeframe to dismantle the terror outfits operating from its soil. Barring the suspension of sport ties we have done nothing. The bilateral train and bus services continue to run as before and trade between the two countries remains unaffected. Neither have we imposed any sanctions against Pakistan nor have we asked the world to do so.

The only action that should have been taken within days of the 26/11 attacks is a military offensive. The terrorist camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir should have been taken out by us in a unilateral tactical strike.

We must act without fearing the consequences - they cannot be any worse than what we have already gone through.

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