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The Evolution of a Muslim Mind

The Evolution of a Muslim Mind

Author: Dr Omar Zia
Publication: Islam Watch
Date: January 15, 2009
URL: http://www.islam-watch.org/Omar.Zia/Evolution-of-a-Muslim-Mind.htm

This year (2009), the world will be celebrating the 200th birth anniversary of history's greatest naturalist Charles Robert Darwin. To pay tribute to this genius of modern era, people around the world will study his works; ponder over the wonders of our evolution through natural selection, and attempt to foresee where this could take the humanity in future. Only through this reflective and thought provoking lens that we may even lay down a path for a better future for our coming generations. As an ex-Muslim and a contributor to fighting Islam, I think it is not impertinent of me to ask where Muslims and the Islamic world will stand in this process of reflection and study. But first if I may indulge in a slight digression here.

If you seriously study today's Muslim ummah, you may be forgiven for a little chuckle that perhaps Darwin's theory has left them out of the loop! But don't feel too bad. Your naughty thought has crept in for good reason.

Through many years of being traumatized myself with the Islamic belief and after recovering from it through observation and patient listening, I have come to understand one thing very clearly. Having some of your brain cells corrupted by Islam turns a person into a "gormless entity". I have interconnected with the young, middle-aged and elderly people, some of whom have been not so much soaked, but only touched, by Islam. And the most common thread which I found in all of them is their refusal to even contemplate rationality. You can produce two+two=four in front of them in any language, but the 'five' Orwellian fingers are the only things they would bow and prostrate to.

I was in the same conundrum, but once I left Islam, I was astonished at the change. The proverbial heart became tender. It began to accept that all humans are equal and deserve equal treatment. That secret glee, which I had felt when people were jumping down to save their lives from the World Trade Centre towers on September 11 (2001), turned into a source of deep shame and pain. It dawned on me that Ghaznawi and Bin Qasim, who are glorified in our text books, were nothing but robbing, murdering slave-makers. I began to consider India, from where my family had migrated in 1947, with pride; I acknowledging that I have more in common with them than with the fascist, uncultured Muslim Arabs. It became clear that the Hamas and Hezbollah charters were dangerous fascistic aims of annihilating the Jews and destruction of Israel.

I began to be less hypocritical, and a lover of the "Golden rule"-treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. This acceptance of rationality solved many puzzles for me and I could literally see the truth. I realized that the garbage collector at our door for the past 20 years, who had recently started bringing his son with him for training and to whom my loving mother occasionally gave some food, is a Christian; I subliminally ignored and avoided him, because my mom kept his plate and glass separate and considered them unclean.

The 'Bhangi Para', a colony where all the sewerage workers and their families resided and was given a wide berth by us, was full of real people, all Hindus. The only time we lingered there was to ogle at their beautiful girls without fear of retaliation. Sometimes, I now get an urge to go and apologize to them for this reprehensible childhood behavior.

On a lighter note, I could watch great Hollywood and Bollywood films and dances without feeling guilty. I enjoy a good game of chess. And although I did not practice Islam much, I felt a little unease while teaching my son how to play it, because I learned from my father that Muhammad (who was averse to anything intelligent) said that it was like soaking your hands in pig's blood. Eating when abroad has also become a less arduous task. I don't have to find the so-called halal eateries anymore, mostly dingy and dirtier than their counterparts. I also wonder why I missed on all that variety of cultural delights for so many years.

Coming back to the main topic, for last 1400 years some Muslim thinkers and rulers have been aware that Islam not only restricts progressive thoughts and debates but also metes out severe punishments to those, who dare to go down this path. Despite this, some of them did attempt to tread a path to progress and paid a heavy price. As for the masses, they have had no way out. They have been trapped in and suffered this atrocious suppression, since the time of Muhammad. The effect of this on the minds of Muslim ummah has been most remarkable: their minds seem to have become numb. Every time their mind suppresses a rational thought or contradiction of Islam, another brain cell goes numb. Except for some life-sustaining functions and hypocrisy, they are able to comprehend little else.

In my view, this phenomenon is the real cause of the depravity, poverty and amoral attitude of most so-called followers of Islam. Although their evolved instincts try to lead them in the right direction, they are being traumatized by the tyranny of the Quran and Sunnah; consequently, they are floundering in a sort of "death dance".

This is sad. This is very unfair to their future generations. This path will never lead them to walking shoulder to shoulder with the rest of civilization. It will only increase their sufferings. What is even more saddening is that the rest of civilization will have to resort to using their basic "survival instinct" to neutralize this Army of Zombies.

I don't want to be a witness to that Armageddon. I want Muslims to read their scriptures carefully and then jettison this cult back to the deserts of Arabia, from where it came. I want them to join the humanity and tread the path of peace, progress and prosperity.

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