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Sarkaryavah Shri Mohan Bhagwat in Delhi

Sarkaryavah Shri Mohan Bhagwat in Delhi

Author: Pramod Kumar
Publication: Organiser
Date: January 18, 2009
URL: http://www.organiser.org/dynamic/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=273&page=39

"The success of Sangh work is measured on its impact on national life"

Impressive gathering of young IT and Management professionals.

"Hindutva is the remedy to all ills. If all the people who know and understand Hindutva get united, all the problems of the country will be resolved in a very short span. The RSS has been working to unite all such people for the last 83 years. The man making is not an easy task and it has to be done continuously. That is why the RSS does only this work," said RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Mohan Bhagwat. He was speaking at a function organised by Sampark Vibhag of Delhi Prant at Sri Satya Sai Auditorium in New Delhi on January 3.

More than 500 eminent persons of Delhi including retired army, police and administrative officers, former governors and ambassadors, social and political leaders, industrialists, writers, journalists, doctors and religious leaders were present at the function. The Sampark Vibhag basically organised the function to apprise the eminent people, who are regarded as the policymakers, of the views of the RSS on various issues. Sahsarkaryavahs Shri Suresh Soni and Shri Madan Das, RSS Kshetra Sanghachalak Dr Bajranglal Gupt and Delhi Prant Sanghachalak Shri Ramesh Prakash Sharma were also present on the occasion.

The prominent personalities who attended the function included former Air Chief Marshal AY Tipnis, former CBI Director Joginder Singh, former Air Marshal RC Vajpayee, Brigadiers (retd.) Ashok Sondhi and DC Pant, General (retd.) JFR Jacob, General NS Malik, Shri RK Ohri (former IPS) and retired administrative officials Dr Nepal Singh, Shri Ajay Bansal, Shri Vijay Kumar Gupta, former governors Shri TN Chaturvedi, Shri AR Kohli, Shri Vijay Kapoor, Shri Kidar Nath Sahani, Shri Madan Lal Khurana, noted writer Shri Mahip Singh, Shri Shiv Khera, editor of Nai Dunia Shri Alok Mehta, Shri Dina Nath Mishra, Dr Subramanian Swamy and Dr BK Rao of Gangaram Hospital. Shri Deepak Rathi, Shri Munshiram Sethi, Shri Subhash Agarwal, Shri MM Mittal, Shri SK Bansal, Shri Atul Goel and Shri Ajit Sood were among the eminent industrialists. Swami Raghwananda, Valmiki Sant Baba Prakash Shah and Mahant Naval Kishor Das were among the prominent religious leaders. Delhi BJP chief Dr Harsh Vardhan, senior advocate of Supreme Court Shri Ramphal Bansal, astrologer Shri Anit Vatsa, Shri RN Sharma and cricketers Shri Vikram Bhatnagar and Shri Ashok Malhotra were also present.

The topic of the discussion was "RSS: Achievements and Expectations". Elaborating on the issue Shri Bhagwat said: "The RSS does nothing but the swayamsevak leaves nothing. The swayamsevaks developed from our man-making process are today working in various fields. There is hardly any sector where the swayamsevaks are not working. They have left an everlasting impression in their respective fields by their work. By and large the name of RSS has reached in every household of the country through various activities of the swayamsevaks. It is the achievement of swayamsevaks and not the RSS. Whatever work we see today through the organisations of so-called Sangh Parivar, is done by the swayamsevaks and not by the Sangh. Those activities were originally started by the individual swayamsevaks and at the later stage when it was realised that a positive change can be brought about in the society through this way also that activity was supported by the Sangh." He pointed out the work of Kreeda Bharati, which was started by some swayamsevaks in Maharashtra about 15 years ago to promote healthy habits among the sportspersons and it has now been supported by the RSS. It has today developed a network across the country.

Shri Bhagwat said since the beginning, the RSS has been working with minimum resources. Despite that whatever it has achieved in the last 83 years is remarkable. "We have reached in 40,000 villages. About 40 lakh people of more than 100 crore population of the country have sympathy with the RSS. We know that it is not even one per cent of the total population but the positive atmosphere developed across the country is everywhere to be witnessed by one and all. There was a time when people avoided even listening to the RSS. But the picture has changed today. We are not only heard but also given a serious thought. The Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi always opposed what the RSS said. But today he has taken the same line on terrorism and Bangladeshi infiltration which the RSS has been saying for decades. The people, entrusted with power may have some misconceptions but we have successfully developed a positive atmosphere all over the country," he added.

Later, answering a query of Baba Prakash Shah Shri Bhagwat said the Sangh has directed all the activists to ensure the picture of Lord Valmiki in all the temples and they will also ensure that no person dare insult the great saint. He said the RSS is fully aware of the fact that all people cannot come to the shakha but the Sangh at least expects the cooperation and support of the eminent people to bring the desired change. He said the country would see a positive change in the coming 30 years. He appealed to the audience to help in the work of nation building wherever they work.

Later, addressing a huge gathering of IT and Management professionals on January 4 at Mawlankar Auditorium, Shri Bhagwat appealed to the youths to keep the Indian values and culture alive in their families and not to follow the west blindly in the institutions where they work. He said if the youth of the country contribute fully in the task of nation building they could see India becoming super power in their birth itself. "The RSS does not wish to spread its work only for the sake of increasing the number and strength and also to earn publicity. Whatever strength we have achieved in the form of one-lakh service projects, 40 lakh swayamsevaks, etc. is not less. We believe that the Sangh work is the work of the country and the desired results would not come until the whole society engages itself in this task. That is why we are trying to bring all sections of the society with us. The role of the youth is very crucial in this task," he added.

He further said nothing would be achieved if India tries to follow China or America. "We have to keep our own identity intact and have to move farward on our own strength. We must leave the mentality of slavery and make progress on our own. Those who believe that there is no concept of management in India are wrong. We have a very rich tradition of management," he said appealing to the youth to bring forth the Indian thinking in all sectors where they are working and also study the unique management techniques of RSS.

In the evening, a ghosh competition was organised at Mahashaya Chunni Lal Saraswati Bal Mandir. The competition had three categories of the ghoshvadaks. A total of 460 swayamsevaks participated in the competition. The winning teams of all the three categories later displayed the ghosh before Shri Bhagwat.

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