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Hamas is one version of an Islamicist spectrum that seeks to destroy the entire western world

Hamas is one version of an Islamicist spectrum that seeks to destroy the entire western world

Author: Kevin Myers
Publication: Independent
Date: January 14, 2009
URL: http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/kevin-myers/hamas-is-one-version-of-an-islamicist-spectrum-that-seeks-to-destroy-the-entire-western-world-1600540.html

On March 21, 1945, 18 RAF Mosquito aircraft bombed a school in Copenhagen, killing 86 children and 17 teachers.

There were, of course, no television pictures of this catastrophe, but you can imagine the magnificent propaganda they would have made for the Third Reich, with the accompanying text of how the brutal British had no compassion for the innocent young of Denmark.

But even with those pictures, most people across Europe would have been tempted to wonder: "There must have been more to it than that." And indeed there was. The Mosquitoes had been tasked to bomb the neighbouring Shellhus offices, which had become the Gestapo headquarters. The RAF men were ordered to fly as low as possible, in order to ensure accuracy. One brave marker-pilot in the first wave flew so low that his plane hit a pylon, and crashed into the school. Some following pilots, flying at high speed at rooftop height, with orders to aim for where the first markers had fallen, then bombed the school.

To compound the tragedy, most of the senior Gestapo officers were not in the Shellhus building, which was also destroyed, but were away at a funeral. In moral terms, those Gestapo officers were the antecedents of the Hamas of today, in every regard save this: the free world would have understood why the British wanted to kill them, and would have forgiven the slaughter of the children as an unintended but terrible accident of the kind that happens in war.

But no such forgiveness is extended to the Israelis, when they comparably killed 40 children and teachers in a school. Indeed, there has been almost an exultant moralising at the butchery of these innocents, even though in their hearts, most people must know that if the Israelis had wanted to kill Arab children by the hundred, they could easily have done so.

Every measure the Israelis take to minimise casualties is intellectually put aside in the extraordinary Weltensschauung -- world-view -- which governs the Middle East conflict. This Weltensschauung involves a self-censoring, intelligent stupidity that is so all-pervasive across the media that one is obliged to ask, why?

It is not good enough, as some Israelis do, simply to blame raw anti-Semitism, especially in this country, where anti-Semitism is non-existent among the indigenous Irish (though the little boys outside the Dail last week, dressed as Hamas 'freedom-fighters' suggests that immigration is correcting this deplorable deficiency within Irish life).

The facts are simple. Israel is smaller than Munster, but around the same size, once Kerry has been deducted (or, for foreign readers, the same size as Yorkshire and Lincolnshire combined, or Massachusetts). The Arab world is the size of the continental USA. There are, effectively, no Jews in that Arab world; whereas 1.2 million Arab Muslims are Israeli citizens. These are the only Arabs in the Middle East with a meaningful vote. Islamicist suicide bombers from Gaza and the West Bank have killed hundreds of Israelis, and Hamas terrorists have fired 8,000 missiles into Israel, from an independent and unoccupied Gaza.

Who does the compassionate world empathise with? Little beleaguered Israel? Or Hamas, the spiritual heirs to the Shellhus Gestapo? The latter, of course.

This is profoundly irrational, for Hamas is merely one version of an Islamicist spectrum that seeks to destroy not just the "pigs and the monkeys" of Israel, but the entire western world. The left, in particular, seem to learn nothing, hence Trotskyite/Communist/Islamic demonstrations against Israel in London on Sunday. Do these poor little comrades not know what happened to the left who had allied with the Islamicists against the Shah, after the Ayatollah came to power? They were the first to be rounded up and murdered -- by the thousand.

The western subconscious thus rejects the rationalism of the Jewish aspiration to live in the only liberal, tolerant democracy in the Middle East, and empathises instead with Israel's enemies, in the name of 'victimhood'. Yet 'victimhood' is precisely what Hamas wants, for it openly boasts of the human shields in front of its rocket-launch sites. So this pathological anti-Israeliness has nothing to do with any available evidence. All the proof in the world cannot shift such an illogical Weltensschauung, which is largely driven by the profound, though deranged, emotional needs of those who hold it.

Here is the problem. The Jew -- in the shape of Jesus Christ, his apostles and disciples -- is the moral creator of the western world. The Jew -- Einstein, Freud, Marx -- is the author of so much modern thought.

The Jew is also a prime architect of the global financial system that has brought unparalleled prosperity to the world. The Jew in Hollywood is a primary source of our popular culture. By consciously rejecting the land of the Jew, and siding with its enemies, we are subconsciously asserting our own moral and intellectual independence from him.

This disorder is so deep in the western psyche that it is completely invisible to those who harbour it: not a world-wide epidemic of anti-Semitism, but instead, a very primitive and very widespread Oedipal rage.

- kmyers@independent.ie

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