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Self help, best help

Self help, best help

Author: Editorial
Publication: News Today
Date: January 23, 2009
URL: http://newstodaynet.com/newsindex.php?id=14207%20&%20section=13

When the new US President Barrack Obama, in one of his first moves, told Pakistan that the $ 11 million dollar aid given by Bush administration was not for military upgradation, but a 'conditional' one for fighting against terror and that Pakistan's performance against terror would be monitored, India's hostile neighbour was shell-shocked and has resorted to its usual practice of threatening to withdraw from Afghanistan.

When compared with Bush administration's 'lip service' in support of India on one side and 'actual' support for Pakistan on the other, this first salvo from Obama, that too on the first day of his office, must be encouraging for India.

It is reliably learnt that due to the relentless pressure put by India on the US, the American establishment has shortlisted twenty senior level officers of the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Pakistan Army who have been aiding and abetting the terror outfits for years.

Incidentally, though India's list is bigger, all those names, which are present in US's list, are also present in India's as well! So, the Indian government is expected to compel the US to help in the extradition of these persons to India. Even if the US doesn't help, India would be satisfied if a few of them were deported to India.

Meanwhile Pakistan, which accepted the validity of the first 'dossier' given by India and constituted a three member committee to probe the Mumbai terror attack with a commitment of trying those who were involved in the terror act, has approached China to bail it out.

Pakistan's foreign minister Qureshi has said that he has requested China to negotiate with India and even authorised it by giving a 'blank cheque'. He has also said that Pakistan would accept whatever China says in this regard.

The Chinese envoy He Yefei, who visited Pakistan in December last week, has also visited India in January and urged India to resume dialogue with Pakistan. In this regard Qureshi has claimed that the bilateral relationship between China and Pakistan has always been strong and flourishing, withstanding the regional and global changes.

Another fact is that the main perpetrator 'JuD', which is supposed to be a non-state actor, but acts with the support of state-actors, has been running its business of promoting terror without even an iota of interference from Pakistan establishment despite its 'ban' enforced by the UN Security Council.

It can even be said that it is running its show with the fullest blessing of the Pakistan government.

There is a sinister campaign carried out by JuD and its 'helpers' that the Mumbai terror attack was 'Hindu' fundamentalists' handiwork, which was a result of 'Hindu-Zionist' conspiracy.

And on the other hand, the very same JuD has claimed that the Mumbai attack was a historic victory of the Muslim warriors who had avenged the atrocities committed by the Indian State against the Muslim minority.

In addition to this the Pak based terror groups including the LeT have suddenly started projecting a 'friendly' face saying that they want to resolve the Kashmir issue through 'dialogues'! This is simply an act of 'Taqiya', which is normally played after successfully executing a 'Jihad' and India needs to understand this terror game.

India must also understand that Pakistan will always be hostile to it and China will never be friendly and the US, whether 'Republican' or 'Democrat', will always act on its own interests. In this kind of a scenario, India must play its cards close to its chest.

It must, on its own, rein in Pakistan, keep China at a distance and engage US cleverly.

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