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Gutsy statesmen, not politicos, needed

Gutsy statesmen, not politicos, needed

Publication: News Today
Date: January 2, 2009
URL: http://www.newstodaynet.com/newsindex.php?id=13591%20&%20section=7

'Today, terrorism poses a challenge to integrity, sovereignty and unity of our country and it is the job of fearless and daring statesmen to root it out, not that of timid, corrupt politicians.

Most of the politicians were surrendering to jihad and it is necessary to deny political space to such undeserving people.
Jihad is manifest in Kashmir and the same has spread from Kashmir to Tamilnadu and from Gujarat to Assam,' VHP international president Ashok Singhal has said.

Addressing the media yesterday in VHP's Chennai office, Singhal gave a five-point plan to completely uproot the jihadis. He said, 'Firstly, India must sever all diplomatic ties with Pakistan and Bangladesh, which are epicentres of global terrorism. Secondly, it must mount surgical strikes on the terror infrastructure in both the Islamic countries.

Thirdly, the mosques, which have been turned into depots of arms and ammunition, must be flushed out. Fourthly, those Madarasas that churn out lakhs of indoctrinated Talibs (radical students) must be closed and the Madarasa education must be banned. Lastly, India must emulate the USA and the UK in striking down jihadi terrorism'.

While condemning the brutal attack on Dindigul district RSS Pracharak Bhaskar by the jihadis, he said, 'Even though Bhaskar had identified the attackers, police have not yet apprehend the jihadis and 'we strongly condemn this attitude of giving protection to jihadis by the government of Tamilnadu'.

To a question on the present status on Kandhamal, Singhal said, 'Orissa government is also inept and yields to the pressure exerted by the church.

But the Orissa Chief Minister has personally assured me that he would take speedy action in apprehending those who had murdered Swami Lakshmananda Saraswathi and we hope he would fulfill his commitment'.

He also said the attack on Hindu religious gurus and defaming them on false charges had become frequent and the non-existent Hindu terrorism is being created to demolish the religious tradition and cultural heritage of this great nation. 'UPA chairperson Sonia is behind all these nefarious agendas,' he added.

He said Indian Christians and Indian Muslims peacefully co-exist with Hindus and only the church and the jihadi elements create the problems. He also said that a huge congregation of Swamijis and intellectuals would be held in Mumbai on 28 January to form 'Dharma Raksha Manch' for protecting Hindu interests.

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