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I am ashamed to have ever been a Muslima

I am ashamed to have ever been a Muslima

Author: Komal
Publication: FaithFreedom.org
Date: January 20, 2009
URL: http://www.faithfreedom.org/2009/01/20/i-am-ashamed-to-have-ever-been-a-muslima/

I never thought I would be writing this ever in my life. The first time I read your discussion was with some lady over the rights of women in Islam.

When I was in my 6th grade I was unhappy at certain things that I got to know about the way women are treated in Islam. This included the property rights and divorce procedures. But never in my entire life I had known that Muslims actually used to rape prisoners of wars and this was sanctioned by the Prophet. All in my entire life I read in my Islamic books that Muslims treated prisoners with kindness this and that. I don't find any sort of kindness in raping women who were captured. The only kindness was when they invaded Mecca. Maybe they did not mistreat the Meccans because it was the city in which our so called prophet was born and his relatives and the relatives of his followers were living there.

Well I do know one thing; maulvis in Pakistan tell us strange things like when we look into the mirror we should recite this; when we enter the house should say that; when we travel we should recite that dau, etc. These are the things they teach us. But, why do they hide such a BIG THING such as Muslims used to rape women captured in their raids? Yes it can only be called RAPE. How can a girl allow a person to have sex with her when they have killed her brother or father or husband? I cannot imagine myself or my mother or my sister in such a condition. It makes me sick to the stomach. You opened my eyes. I used to think so badly of the soldiers who raped women in Iraq. But the point is, are Muslims any better? They raped women when they could. Now, according to the logic of Islam, Iraq was in a state of war; therefore, based on Islamic reasoning, it was perfectly justifiable for the coquering army to raped the women.

Again based on Islamic logic, Iraq lost, so basically all the people in Iraq should becomne slaves of Americans including their women and children. But the thing is, only a handful of women in Iraq were raped and their rapists are prosecuted and sent to jail. Had it been the other way round and Muslims were the conquerors of a non-Muslim country, all the women would have become booty of Muslim soldiers and all of the pretty ones would have been raped.

I feel disgusted! I cannot imagine my six year old, or any six year old girl to be married to a 50 year old guy NO matter how religious that person is.

I am a woman and I don't have a "short memory," as Muhammad said. I am not "deficient in intelligence" either. I have outsmarted many guys in my life. All my life I have studied on scholarship and right now I am perusing a degree again on scholarship. Then how can our prophet say we women have short memory and deficient in intelligence? This is scientifically wrong.

Now considering that a girl is raped. Where in the world can she find 4 men to testify in her case? Rape is not a circus that people will be invited to watch. It's usually done in an isolated place where no one can see. Say a girl was raped and gets pregnant. She needs 4 witnesses to prove she was raped and usually there isn't even one. But the proof that she had sex out of the wedlock is there in her womb. Then what will happen according to Islamic law? She can't provide any proof of rape. So she will be accused of adultery and stoned to death. Does this sound just or logical? No it doesn't - at least to those who have a heart and a brain.

Your conversation with that lady, Julia Roach, shook me to the core. It made me feel ashamed, sad, and mad! What have I been following all my life? They tell you only the good parts, but never these truths.

We in Pakistan never bothered to read the Quran in detail. We only knew what we were taught in our schools. The rest, we just depended on the scholars, (who obviously lied to us, told us the good things nothing about slaves and their rape was ever mentioned)

I tried to tell the things that I have learned to my family, but they have started calling me Kafir and stuff. When I was in Pakistan I used to be the same. I just wouldn't listen to anything that was against Islam. I would close my eyes and my ears. I cannot denounce Islam publically because my parents would be ashamed of me. I do not follow it anymore and if I get a chance anywhere I point to the fallacies of Islam, to my friends as well. If I tell them I have denounced Islam they will never listen to me. I want them to listen to me and think logically just the way I did.

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