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Order to spare Muslims in hotels

Order to spare Muslims in hotels

Author: Diwakar
Publication: The Times of India
Date: January 2, 2009

The details of the Voice over Internet Protocol has revealed that Pakistan-based jihadi leaders like Zarar Shah, Abu Hamza and Abu Qafa had told their wards at Nariman House to kill the Israelis. The terrorists were asked to spare Muslims in the two hotels. Ajmal Amir Kasab and Ismail Khan were told to open indiscriminate firing at the CST in order to deflect attention and enable their comrades to take control at the hotels.

The voice intercepts show the gang leaders remained not just calm, but even found time to engage in banter with their wards over the interview that one of them, Imran Babar, the terrorist at Nariman House, gave to an Indian channel. The handler sounded happy that Babar had used some English words. "Tum bhi dena chahte ho?'' he asked others.

The banter gave way to some seriousness after the arrival of the commandos. "Fauj aa rahi hai, cover lo.'' But there was no display of panic, with the Lashkar commanders, confident that flushing out the terrorists was not going to be easy for the NSG jawans, asking them to eat khajoor, not to get tired and take turns to sleep. "Thakna nahin hai,'' was one of the instructions as the LeT leaders were clearly aware that the fidayeen squad was ready to die fighting.

One of the bosses did not seem perturbed or even concerned when told by a terrorist that he had been badly injured. "Aakhiri waqt aa gaya hai, namaaz ada karo,'' said the composed voice at the other end, according to sources. Invoking jihadi logic, the handler asked the wounded terrorist-"Do you have a message to give?''

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