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Media under Scrutiny

Media under Scrutiny

Author: G.P.Srinivasan
Publication: iVarta.com
Date: January 1, 2009
URL: http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/Media-under-Scrutiny/blog-227.htm

"A billion strong Hindus have been taken for a ride, for so long, by so many eminent people, and at last they have seen through the game. Hindus have been woken rudely after Mumbai 26/11 up, are alerting other Hindus who are in deep coma to wake up "to the Hindus who have been kept under Maya that all religions are the same and gain you the same goal" is Moksha delivered to the Hindu society. "
- A retired Post Master General

This is a unique critique of Indian Media: "The Media on the Indian media - Post Mumbai Siege" by viewers. The coverage by the media, which earlier had many admirers including myself, who have now become averse, to the English media in India.

Those who used to appreciate the courageous role of the media - have now chosen to use their own critical faculties to filter through the "media stories" and see through their "game plans", "inspired deceptions", "Planted stories"," Plain lies" "hoot and run tactics" . The Hoot website has become very popular, among netizens and good job to expose the media.

Thanks to the liberating effects of the internet and World Wide Web blogs and websites people are no more tied to TVs and the Western and Arab inspired anglicized press but look for alternative sources, beyond the NDTV, CNN IBN, TIMES NOW and "The Hindu", "Times of India" and "Deccan Chronicle". Capt. Hariharan Balakrishnan is a veteran of Indian navy, of the Indian navy Frigate INS Trishul who has been regularly shaming the backward English press with wide range of information from all over the world.

He said "People in my street now do not just spend few minutes with their typical "cuppa" every day morning with "The Hindu" , but spend hours on the net to know all about Jihad terror. Our neighbors have stopped totally the regular papers. In the last decade the internet service providers like VSNL, MTNL BSNL, AIRTEL and TATA have seen rapid growth.

A conservative reader of "The Hindu" from South India, a retired Post Master general, aged 83, has been using the internet for over 10 years now. He spends hours in front of his monitor complains his wife. "He is an active member of many internet forums and spends an average of eight hours on the net".

He says "I get regular updates comments and even phone calls from friends all over the world and who share the latest developments". He is inspired and willing to educate me and his younger grandson and quotes from the Hadits, Surah and Sunnah and knows exactly why India is attacked. I do not depend upon the Indian TV to tell me the truth as they are scared.

He is critical of Hindu religious leaders too"they have mislead Hindus. They regularly teach Hindus "to be good, become model citizens and do well" and this is the way to God", without any reciprocity from Islam. These gurus also tolerate corrupt politicians. These teachings are not enough to understand the deep difficulty that we are in. He takes a jibe at the books published by Ramakrishna Mission on Islam. "Whether these swamis have never understood Islam?

He is equally critical of various Hindu masters like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. "Why should Sri Sri Ravishankar, without an iota of understanding of Islam agreed for a public debate with Dr.Zahir Naik in Bangalore 2006, where Zahir Naik, openly made a demand that Sri Sri convert to Islam". He is equally critical of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Jaagi Vasudev and others "Where were these religious leaders gone, why did they not with their spiritual powers stop the attacks. At least why did they not condemn the Mumbai attacks? Have they paid a visit the grieving families of the slain commandos Commando Gajendra Singh and Major Unni Krishnan?

He is angry with the thousands of Christian organizations in India that did not officially condemn the Mumbai attacks "but which goes into street agitation at the drop of a hat for any Christian cause". What happened to the Dalai Lama where has been all along? "The Hindu organizations have been advocating Hindus to be Pure at heart and do not see "evil, hear evil and do evil". How do we close our faculties if we see so much evil outside attacking us from all sides?"

Both religious leaders and the English media have been dishing out to Hindus with unauthentic substance and literature as official views of Islam that has been weakening Hindus. He switches on the TV to make a point; wrings his fingers when a familiar female media anchor wants to impress the world and manipulate and mislead the world. To counter the anchor our friend quotes from the exact verses from Koran that inspires persons like Kasab and ISI.

The foundation of the state called Pakistan, for the pure was based on the Islamic ideology, why it has become so impure he asked? He demanded the media should not take people like himself for granted and quotes "one can fool some people for some time, and not all people for all times". (Those who are now woken are a large majority he figures out his groups have more than millions members and regularly exchange information).

"We have better access now, than ever before to the original sources from which Jihadis derive inspiration. If these Editor-in Chiefs, Managing Editors, Editors ,Chief editor, Deputy Chief, Chie ,Assistant editor ,Deputy assistant , Readers editor and above all , Mahatmas, Swamis, Paramahamsas ,Gurus and historians and media anchors ought to know that the common person are more educated by the alternative media than ever before and are now hooked" .

According to him netizens & bloggers would like to take issues apart and will go to any length to understand an issue .They now understand the media better, when they take side and now question the political ideology of the popular media. He laughs "the media is stupid like dinosaurs and bound to walk its way to destruction".

He cautions "the crimes of the Stalinist English print media is too big to be documented, as it has long history and has to begun in earnest". The electronic English media is even worse, and listed the criticism leveled against the electronic media of India".

"Underestimating the readers and viewers and their intelligence"; "the editors are overestimating themselves and their hoot and run tricks". A Criminal Psychologist from USA seeing the reports on the media says: "they are almost hysterical, they must undergo psychological examinations. Some of them are under severe stress and pathological symptoms and even manipulative".

Seeing the reports "Mumbai sees a rash of attacks" a severely distressed registrar of a University said that he will not renew the Rs 500/- annual subscription for the Hindu. He regretted come this 2009 January..., which is round the corner, you will not get the 500 bucks. you marketing guy. "

Prof Chakra of USA "The Hindu has taken to communist ideology ...the very name Hindu is used to mislead Hindus, it is dishonesty". Anita Joshua of the Hindu came under fire "obviously she borrowed many of my points for her write up in the Hindu ... "Barkha has never apologized for stomping all over the Taj spoiled the forensic investigations".this idea says a netizen was copied by Anitha Joshua.

Some one takes a dig at Press Council of India. "The Press Council of India is a paper tiger". What Justice Verma has been doing, now he is threatening to ban the TV media if it does not want to follow the rules? "What about the damage they had done already in the Mumbai case, kargil case, and in Arushi murder case? What action he has taken? What is his record?

"Is the media above law asks a Mumbai family? The media reported fully and gave minute by minute account that was used by the terrorists fully. Does it mean are they acted as spies of the terrorists? "This is the third world media that does not have a sense of remorse and Shameless" says an executive. Inspired by Communism and medieval Christianity Media wants "Civil anarchy" says a retired judge. "In the event of a war with Pakistan or China who will have time to regulate the media asks a retired General?"With the media as culprits, how can these culprits sit and be their own jury and judge and self regulate says a a man who identifies himself as a politician.

Without mincing words he said " With an anarchist like Rajdeep Sardesai, elected as the head editor the less said the better about the fate of the media" said I asked him who are you , he said "Rajdeep hater". "It is time for the centre to step in to clip their wings take some wind off these sails of the electronic media" says an Indian IT professional from Israel.

Only Doordarshan (Government owned Television) should be allowed enter sensitive spots said an insider of ISRO (Indian Space research Organization) who has participated in more than 20 launches. "I was surprised Pallav Bagla of NDTV, was free roaming all over ISRO"S sensitive spote with his Sat TV OB van waiting outside all hallowed spots and was giving exact locations of the ISRO tracking centers, in his TV coverage which could be used by Jihadis next time."

"I feel NDTV and others like CNN IBN must not be allowed into ISRO and other launch centres".Only Doordarshan must be allowed. We do not know what links these media men have. We have no control over them said a security official".

To this agreed a DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) fellow "We must keep our scientists insulated from these media anarchists, who tip off the Jihadis thro their reckless reporting. We had one in IISC and watch out for a next attack on them!!! Ominous warning indeed said a Sanskrit professor. Other comments include "Media inspired anarchy" Barkha was instigating a fight between the military and the Government"! "Arnab Go swami of Times now TV is too dependent on the Paki media to expose Pakistani terrorism. Do they want Armageddon"? "

"I doubt whether the Indian media has been purchased lock stock and barrel by the ISI, JUD, LET and People"s daily of China asks a nationalist writer? "The National Security Advisor must probe the media and their overseas masters says a kargil war veteran". Says an investment banker from Texas the reason the Indian media is anti India is because they have received good investments from the Gulf, Hong Kong, Vatican, Russia and China. Says a rights activist lawyer "Under Rights to Information one must probe the investments that the Indian media has received"! "There ends the discussion" announced the anchor "we have run out of Time"!

Some one summed up the whole discussion "Mahatmas, Editors, Babas, Babus, Writers, Marxist Historians, Media Anchors and Politicians have been keeping Hindus under a cloud of beliefs that your State is secular and will take care of your interests, if you are good to your neighbor good - good will come to you- has been rudely shattered by continued Jihadi attacks - such fooling of Hindus for so long by so many eminent people thanks to the failed Hindu leadership.

These Hindu leaders have been developing their own unique belief systems based on Hindu ethos, without having any rudimentary understanding of Islamic teachings; they have presumed that Islamic teachings are also like Hindu teachings! Surprising! But true A billion Hindus have been taken for a ride, for so long by so many, by so many eminent people. It is not only religious leaders but also political elders like Gandhi who ideologically weakened Hindus in front of the Islamic onslaught ,now "net Hindus have woken up" and are "alerting sleeping Hindus who are in deep coma" and that is the real Moksha" says the retired Post Master.

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