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Terror evidence in Indian dossier credible: US

Terror evidence in Indian dossier credible: US

Author: TNN
Publication: The Times of India
Date: January 7, 2009
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Terror_evidence_in_Indian_dossier_credible_US/articleshow/3947694.cms

The evidence contained in the dossier given by India to Pakistan about the involvement of Pakistanis in the November 26 Mumbai terror attack is "credible", the US ambassador to New Delhi David Mulford said on Wednesday in what marked a major endorsement of evidence that India has gathered against the perpetrators of 26/11.

The remarks of Mulford, one of the 14 envoys who were shown the evidence by India's foreign ministry on Monday, also represented a rebuff to Pakistan's rejection of the evidence as not credible.

"We don't go after non-credible evidence", said Mulford in his farewell interaction with the editors of The Times of India after a successful five-year-tenure that was highlighted by the signing of the nuclear energy deal and greater bilateral convergence on an array of issues. "What was disturbing that the attack was carried out from the territory of Pakistan,'' Mulford said.

Rejecting the suggestion that India and the US may not be "on the same page" in dealing with Pakistan on the Mumbai attack issue, the US ambassador said: "We are absolutely on the same ground." "When somebody kills Americans somewhere we go after him," he added.

The ambassador, in fact, confirmed that the FBI helped Indian agencies prepare the dossier. He added that the agency was mandated to go after the masterminds of Mumbai attacks in which six Americans were killed.

Mulford further said that the FBI team which has received Pakistani visas has sought access to certain individuals and places.

He sought to counter the perception that Americans, critically dependent on Pakistan for the success of their fight against Taliban, will not lean hard on Pakistan. "Americans have different ways of skinning a cat," he said in a remark that could be seen as a reference to the American efforts to open parallel logistic routes to Afghanistan through Russia and Central Asia as well as the belief that they continue to have leverage on important state actors in Pakistan.

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