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Mulund school to celebrate V-Day as 'Matru-Pitru Din'

Mulund school to celebrate V-Day as 'Matru-Pitru Din'

Author: Alpita Masurkar
Publication: Mumbai Mirror
Date: February 14, 2009
URL: http://www.mumbaimirror.com/index.aspx?page=article&sectid=2&contentid=20090214200902140212579123e7f241

Introduction: Students of Laxmibai English Medium school will wash their parents' feet and perform aarti, then seek their blessings in their own unique version of Valentine's Day

This will probably be one of the few Valentine's Day celebrations that neither the Shiv Sena, Sri Ram Sene or any right wing political party will oppose.

The Laxmibai English Medium school in Mulund has decided to celebrate the day as 'Matru-Pitru Din' - parents' day. Parents have hailed this concept.

"Youngsters usually think of celebrating Valentine's day with their friends. It feels nice when you become the Valentine of your children. We are really pleased with the idea," said Ashwini Dadpe, mother of Rutuja, a class VIII student of the school.

Dinesh Faria, father of Niti who studies in class II said, "Instead of banning the day because of the way it is perceived now, the school has shown the right way to celebrate it and we are very happy."

In the celebrations that will start at 8.30 am, the students will wash their parents' feet with water and perform their 'aarti.' The parents will then bless their children.

"Earlier, this is how children would seek the blessings of their parents. As times have changed, the practices too have changed. Today, the tradition of seeking the blessings of your parents by bowing before them is fast disappearing. We feel that conducting a 'puja' this way will revive that concept among our children and strengthen their bond with their parents," said Prasad Kulkarni, the president of the school.

The students too are enthusiastic about the idea. Says Rutuja, "Whenever there are such days, we tend to celebrate them with our friends.But when the announcement regarding this day was made, everyone in my class really felt pleased. Instead of just trying to ban Valentine's Day, the school decided to celebrate it in the right way."

Gaurav Borse, a student of class VIII said, "We usually celebrate Valentine's Day with gifts of soft toys, roses etc for friends. I have never sought my parents' blessings this way, so I am very happy I got the chance to do so."

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