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India not to resume peace talks with Pak

India not to resume peace talks with Pak

Publication: Free Press Journal
Date: February 14, 2009

India will not smoke the peace pipe with Pakistan till New Delhi's terror-related concerns are addressed.

For the first time since 26/11, India made it clear that it would not go engage in any peace dialogue with Pakistan until Islamabad dismantles the terror infrastructure on its soil.

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherhjee dropped ample hints during his suo motu statement in Parliament, asserting that with Mumbai attacks "a threshold was crossed." Sample this hard talk by Mukherjee, "Since the 1st of December, 2008, the Composite Dialogue process with Pakistan has been at a pause. No meeting has taken place and neither is any scheduled. It is also a fact that the substantial gains in the process of normalization which were achieved in the last four or five years are at grave risk… The dialogue and normalization process was premised on commitments given by Pakistan that territory under its control would not be used for terrorism in any manner." Mukherjee stressed that Indo-Pak relations had reached a point where authorities in Pakistan would have to choose the kind of relationship that they wish to have with India in the future.

"Much depends on actions in the Mumbai case reaching their logical conclusion. I must underline that we have no quarrel with the people of Pakistan. We wish them well and we do not think that they should be held responsible or face the consequences of this situation. We have, therefore, consciously, and after due deliberation, not thought it necessary or fit to curtail people to people con tacts, trains and road links," the Minister said.

In a hard-hitting rejoinder to Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik's admission that "a part" of the 26/11 conspiracy was hatched in Pakistan, Mukherjee said Indian investigations had produced conclusive evidence that the attack was planned, executed and launched from Pakistan territory, by Pakistanis and by elements based in Pakistan. "The primary onus of responsibility lies on Pakistan to fully unveil the conspiracy, identify those guilty and act in a transparent and verifiable manner," he added. Again and again in his statement, Mukherjee laid stress on how with the terror attack on Mumbai a threshold had been crossed.. He said terrorism emanating from Pakistan was not only a direct threat to India, but was a regional and a global threat as well. Mukherjee dwelt on how the threat of terrorism from Pakistan had turned into a global menace. "The major onus of responsibility to eliminate this threat rests on the Government of Pakistan. It is imperative that it acts with sincerity and acts effectively against the licence that terrorist groups enjoy in its territory. It is essential that the assurances given to us repeatedly at the highest level by Pakistan leaders are implemented as solemn commitments," he underlined.

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