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Easy and unfair

Easy and unfair

Author: Editorial
Publication: News Today
Date: January 30, 2009
URL: http://newstodaynet.com/newsindex.php?id=14391%20&%20section=13

Even while the Election Commission was not confirming the finalisation of the dates, Election Commissioner S Y Quarishi announced in London that the general elections would be held between 8 April and 15 May.

Though differences within the Election Commission have been in the air for quite sometime, it started coming out in the open with the appointment of Navin Chawla, whose political symapthies are well known.

Now, the unilateral announcement by Quarishi, that too sitting at London, has exposed the ugly state of affairs in the Election Commission.

It is suspected in political circles that he had indeed helped the UPA government by mentioning the poll dates, so that, it could make populist announcements before the beginning of the moral code of conduct.

As adding weight to this argument, the Centre, as if on cue, reduced the prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas with immediate effect.

This nation came to know about the full power of the Election Commission only during the momentous tenure of T N Sehan, who clearly established its supremacy, acting strictly as per the provisions enshrined in the Constitution.

Even senior and experienced political leaders were astonished then at the way Seshan conducted the elections. The Congress party hurriedly brought a Constitutional amendment for the appointment of two more Election commissioners with an ulterior motive of nullifying Seshan's powerful regime. Since then, the Election Commission has become totally politicised.

The appointment of the Election Commissioner took an unprecedented and ugly turn when the opposition NDA petitioned the President's office against the appointment of Navin Chawla by the UPA government.

As the media exposed the Congress making undue favours to the educational trusts owned by Navin Chawla's family, the NDA members signed a memorandum against him and submitted to the President praying for his immediate ousting.

Then, after going through several places including the judiciary, the issue now lies at the table of Chief Election Commissioner Gopalswamy. In between, the UPA government even attempted to bring in yet another Constitutional amendment to equalise the powers of all the three ECs, but fortunately it ended in vain.

In an era of crime, corruption and criminalisation of politics, it is very unfortunate that the Election Commission has become a place of political intrigues.

It is a tragic travesty that autonomous bodies like the CBI/Police and the judiciary have become puppets in the hands of venal political minds. The Election Commission too has been pushed to that sorry state.

The very fact that the general elections are going to be conducted in four or five phases is a shame in itself for the largest democracy of the world.

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