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Deoband slams Chand Mohammad, calls him lowly

Deoband slams Chand Mohammad, calls him lowly

Author: Manjari Mishra
Publication: The Times of India
Date: February 2, 2009
URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Deoband_slams_Chand_Mohammad/articleshow/4061064.cms

If Chand Mohammad becomes Chandra Mohan once again, where does it leave Fiza? Though the former Haryana deputy CM - who's serenading his first wife after the high-voltage conversion and nikah drama last December - would like to keep both women happy, the ulema are certainly not amused.

Aghast by Chand Miyan's flip-flop, a panel of ulema from Darul-Ifta (the fatwa department of the Islamic seminary Darul-Uloom Deoband) slammed the politician for his attempt to "hoodwink both man and maker". The edict was severe. "Chand Mohammad, it's clear, embraced Islam to avoid legal complications that would have followed his second marriage. Yeh nihayat hi giri hui harkat hai (this was a very lowly act)," they said and added that his action needs to be condemned.

"If he renounces Islam and goes back to his faith, Fiza is free to wed again," they said. The nikah, under the circumstances, will be deemed `khariz' (annulled) without resorting to observance of any other formality, they maintained. But before Fiza opts for remarriage, the ulema also made it incumbent upon her to "observe the mandatory three months and 10 days of 'iddat' (the interval to rule out pregnancy of a divorced woman), which could mean observing purdah and staying at home for the stipulated time. Fiza, they said, was welcome to contact the sarai court `Dar-ul-Qaza' for further action in this regard.

The fatwa was pronounced by sadar mufti of Dar-ul-Ifta Maulana Ehsan Kasmi along with Mufti Maulana Nadeem Akhtar, Mufti Maulana Shah Kaisar, Mufti Umeli Naib and Islamic scholar Najeebul Bazvi, in response to a query sent to the seminary over the fate of the controversial nikah amid speculations that there could be trouble in the paradise.

The ulema's stance is in stark contrast to the one taken two months ago. On December 10, 2008, an expert panel, including Mufti Maulana Ehsan Kasmi, had ruled that "conversion to Islam before marriage by the former deputy CM did not raise doubts about his bona fide. Although it's not possible to fathom the secrets of one's heart, there is enough evidence to suggest that Chand Miyan did not resort to conversion for perpetrating a fraud."

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