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Fast against Chidambaram temple take-over

Fast against Chidambaram temple take-over

Author: Special Correspondent
Publication: The Hindu
Date: March 17, 2009
URL: http://www.thehindu.com/2009/02/17/stories/2009021754730300.htm

Members of the Chidambaram Temples Protection Committee, led by its president K.Gandhi, observed a day's fast at Chidambaram on Monday, urging the State government to revoke the order on take over of the Natarajar temple.

According to Mr. Gandhi, the Committee at its general body meeting held here recently passed a resolution stating that the Podhu Dikshithars were performing the rituals and running the affairs of the temple in full conformity with tradition.

The committee felt that the charges of maladministration levelled against the Dikshithars were false and there was no iota of truth in it. Therefore, it underscored the point that the administration of the temple should be reverted back to the Dikshithars.

It further stated that the officials of the Hindu Religious and Endowment Department should not do any thing contrary to tradition nor should they hurt the sentiments of the devotees.

It noted that in the name of Tamil language and human rights certain atheists were trying to have a hold on the temple.

Their motive was suspect as they were bent upon disrupting societal peace and to create fear psychosis among the devotees.

The committee pointed out that the Dikshithars, whose mother-tongue was Tamil, had contributed a great deal to the development of Tamil language and literature.

It condemned the false propaganda of the atheists that the Dikshithars were opposing recitation of verses from the Thevaram.

On the contrary, Dikshithars were well versed in Thevaram and they used to recite the verses at the temple every day.

Therefore, the committee voiced its strong opposition against the move to make the places of worships as commercial centres, a source of revenue and undermining true devotion.

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