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Pak army still in league with terror groups?

Pak army still in league with terror groups?

Author: Ashok Tuteja
Publication: The Tribune
Date: March 19, 2009
URL: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2009/20090319/main5.htm

India has not seen any evidence on the grounds suggesting that the Pakistan army has cut off its links with the Taliban or other terrorist groups.

"The Pakistan army must decide whether it wants to continue using extremists as an instrument of state policy…something which is not acceptable to the entire global community,'' government sources said here today.

The sources were, however, hopeful that the internal political turmoil in Pakistan would not distract the neighbouring country from pursuing credible investigations into the 26/11 attacks and bring to justice those behind the mayhem. "We have seen Pakistan taking the first step in the right direction…we are still a long way from realising our goal," said the sources, alluding to Islamabad's admission that the Mumbai strikes were partly planned on the Pakistani territory.

Asked about India's March 13 reply to Pakistan's 30 questions relating to the terror attacks, the sources said New Delhi had given fingerprints of eight of the 10 terrorists to Islamabad, who carried out the Mumbai attacks. The fingerprints of two terrorists could not be given as they were badly burnt. The DNA profiles of all terrorists have been given to Islamabad.

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