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Kashmir: The Legion of Terror

Kashmir: The Legion of Terror

Author: Ibrahim Lone
Publication: Islam Watch
Date: February 23, 2009

Let me begin by telling you what the war in Kashmir is about and what not. Well for starters, the war in Kashmir is not about freedom, human rights, equality, right to self-determination or anything that media normally tells us. In truth, it is about Islam. Yes, what is going on in Kashmir is the direct result of the commands that are enshrined in the Muslim Holy Book, the Quran, and the commands of their Prophet.
Brief History

Let us begin our short journey and try to get the facts straight for a change. The biggest lie told about Kashmir is that the war in Kashmir is very recent and that Muslims were brutalized by Hindus from mainland India; therefore, they had to take up arms in order to save themselves. The fact of the matter is that this war has been going on since the beginning of India's independence when the King of Jammu and Kashmir sided with India. This was entirely his decision and based on the fact that he was free to choose as per the accord between the British, Indians and Pakistanis.

However, Pakistan was already enraged at the prospect that even after launching a Jihad and killing millions of Hindus and Sikhs, they could only get such a small piece of land. As the Children of Allah, they certainly deserved better even if they were numerically a minority. Perhaps the British were not aware that Allah had given the earth as a gift to Muslims, and showing sympathy to the Kuffar (non-believers) was a mortal crime.

Unhappy with what happened in Kashmir, Pakistanis sent waves of Pashtoon tribals into Kashmir, where they slaughtered thousands of Hindus and Sikhs at will, buttered babies, took the war booty that was due to them, raped the infidel women, who were going to hell anyway. These are the very tribesmen who today lead the Taliban incidentally. After the Indian Army took over the war, these tribals were driven back to the holes they had come from; sadly due to the intervention of the UN, India could not reclaim the territory know as Pakistan occupied Kashmir, which the Pakistanis fondly call Azad (Free) Kashmir.

Anyway, what happened next is that the Kashmir valley along with Leh and Jammu joined independent India as a new state called Jammu & Kashmir. Now the three regions were ethnically, religiously and in language different from each other. While the Jammu region is predominantly Hindu, Leh was is a Buddhist region with no affinity to either Kashmir or Jammu. The Kashmir valley composed of Muslims with a large minority of Hindus and a few Sikhs.

Soon after India's Independence, Muslims of the Kashmir Valley realized that physical reunion with Pakistan was possible only if they lead a low intensity separatist war, which would slowly bleed India forcing her concede not only the Kashmir Valley but also the rest of the regions. For this very reason, the Kashmiri politicians, all of whom were Muslims, raised demand for a special status to be awarded to the Jammu and Kashmir state. This demand resulted into something know as the 370 Act. According to this act in the Indian Constitution, every resident of J & k could buy or sell immovable property in any part of India, but the same favor was not extended to those belonging to rest of India.

This was a very clever strategic move by Muslim politicians as they knew that the Hindus and Buddhists could never match them in procreating and increasing their numbers. Hence, was laid the foundation for all future proxy wars against the Indian Kuffar.

Furthermore, the Muslims politicians cleverly divided the Kashmir region into more districts than we due considering that the Kashmir Valley composes only 2% of the landmass of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. On the other hand the entire Jammu region which was many times larger in terms of area as well as population was converted to a single constituency. Same was the case with the Leh region.

Not the very distant past and the present

Now the question you would ask is that what did the Kashmiri Muslims achieve by doing this? Well, a lot of things! Firstly the valley region was grossly overrepresented and the rest of the regions were totally underrepresented in the Jammu & Kashmir assembly. Due to this, all the pro-Muslim and anti-nonMuslim laws could be passed without any resistance. Furthermore, the J&K government, which was only represented by the Muslims of the Kashmir valley had hegemony over the entire state and its policies. As a result of this hegemony, all the money that came from the Central Government was diverted into the valley region in a way that it would specifically benefit Muslims.

Besides acquiring political hegemony in Kashmir, Muslims also devised a very heinous ploy-i.e., to carry out massive conversions in the Leh region, which had been economically deprived till then. Actually, this deprivation was a very clever ploy; it has its origin in the Qur'an and the sunnah, which command the imposition of Jiziya on non-Muslims. So the economic deprivation was the new form of Jiziya for the Islamists governing Kashmir. Economically depressed, many of these non-Muslims were easily lured into Islam with the offer money and better economic prospects. This was, of course, a clever ploy, because Kashmiri Muslims wanted these people to convert in order to strengthen their separatist campaign. Today, there are many colonies of Muslims in the Leh region, who have been Muslim for not more than 40 years; this is exactly the time, when the coercive conversion took place.

Even the admission process to educational institutions was controlled by the Chief Minister of the state. As a result, the most meritorious Hindu and Sikh students could not even dream of getting an admission into a professional college, while the poorest of Muslim students got opportunity to become doctors and engineers.

Besides, ample amount of money coming from the Central Government was diverted into funding madarssas, Islamic shrines and mosques Islamic study centers etc. But not even a dime was given to fund the places of worship of minorities. These madarssas served as breeding-grounds for future Jihadis, who were brainwashed from their childhood. Of course, we cannot neglect the Pakistani help, which Kashmiri Muslims have been getting, since the beginning of this low intensity war. At this time, Pakistan is only the front-face of the real people behind the funding activities. After all, it would be naïve to expect that a country, with barely $3 billion in reserves, could manage to fund such a campaign in Kashmir. So what was the source, it could be just about anybody's guess. The same regimes, which are involved in funding terror all over the world were involved here too and they were able to secure their agenda quite well.

These events and facts were only about the political angle; now let us explore the terror angle which is what the misinformation part all about.

The terrorists, aided and abetted by their masters, started their Islamic Jihad campaign against India in the year 1989. At this time, ordinary Muslims joined hands with their brethren from Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen etc. to defeat the Kuffar, who had been feeding the Kashmiris till that time. A war cry was raised throughout the valley. The chanting of Allahu Akbar became the most integral part of rallies, which were taken out by ordinary Muslims. Loudspeakers inside mosques declared that the Hindus and Sikhs had two choices, either to stay back in the valley and die, or leave their womenfolk behind and leave the valley. Not a very good option. They were not even given the option of converting to Islam.

Thereafter began the dance of death and destruction, which lasted till the Hindus and Sikhs had to leave their the valley. Hindu homes were torched and looted at will. Hindu women dishonored on the streets. All this happened in the knowledge of the Indian Government, who in the fear of upsetting Muslims, around the world, let the Kashmiri Muslims carry out their slaughter.

Today these Hindus live in camps, where the living conditions are worse than those for domestic animals. They have no hope of good future; they cannot even dream of going back to their ancestral homes in Kashmir for fear of being killed by Muslim mobs.

The war in the Kashmir Valley was not fought by armed Jihadis alone; the common Muslims had a large contribution, too. Without their support, it would have been impossible for the Jihadis to survive this long.


In conclusion, all I would like to tell those, who have been reading this article, is to sit back and think of how all this happened, while the world was watching and how the people around the world were so easily fooled into believing something that never happened.

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