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Mystery shrouds visit of two foreigners in Rae Bareli's village

Mystery shrouds visit of two foreigners in Rae Bareli's village

Author: Pioneer News Service
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: March 3, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/159933/Mystery-shrouds-visit-of-two-foreigners-in-Rae-Bareli's-village.html

Mystery shrouds the visit of two foreign nationals in Khiro area of Rae Bareli. The local police and the Anti-Terrorists Squad (ATS) sleuths are trying to figure out their identity and the purpose of their visit.

ADG (Crime, Law & Order) Brij Lal claimed that the probe so far pointed towards it being a case of kabootarbazi (human trafficking in local parlance) and not terrorism. He suspected that the visitors were probably Bangladeshis, who had come to India to procure passports and later job visas in Saudi Arabia.

Over half-a-dozen local residents were picked up by SO of Khiro police station Madhur Mishra and the detained persons were interrogated by senior officers on Monday night.

As per reports, some local persons of Misson Khera hamlet informed the Khiro police that two persons, who were unable to speak Hindi or English and spoke only Arabic, were staying at the house of one Ram Kishore Pasi for the last one month. The police went to Ram Kishore's house only to be told that they had gone to the house of one Lavkush at near Raipur hamlet. The cops raided his house but failed to locate them.

Lavkush later confirmed that they had visited his house but had left for the house of his kin Babulal in Umrapur Khera two days back. The cops immediately rushed there where Babulal informed them that the foreigners had left for Kolkata. The cops found a bag in which they recovered blank passport, visa forms and some other documents.

Investiagtions ater showed that in January, Rakesh, who worked in Saudi Arabia, reached Rae Bareli and asked Ram Kishore to go to Kolkata and bring two of his friends, one of whom was later identified as Harun. After they reached Rae Bareli, they stayed at Rakesh's house for about a month. After Rakesh left for Saudi Arabia on February 12, his 'guests' shifted to Ram Kishore's house.

The ADG claimed that it appeared that Rakesh was engaged in making passports and visas through forged papers and managing jobs in Saudi Arabia. The duo who visited his house were probably Bangladeshis and were trying to get Indian passports so that they too could go and work in Saudi Arabia. Efforts are on to trap the duo.

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