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A Kerala story of election soup of crab-sidle

A Kerala story of election soup of crab-sidle

Author: DR C I Issac
Publication: Haindava Keralam
Date: March 21, 2009
URL: http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HkPage.aspx?PAGEID=8408&SKIN=K

Pension to jehadi training ustads

The appeasement of minorities at the expense of the majority, the Hindus, has covered another milestone in the history of Kerala's political evolution. The Left Democratic Front (LDF)'s Government of Kerala decision to give Rs. 4,000 per month as pension to the madrasa teachers (Ustads) is another chocolate to the jehadi forces of Kerala. No doubt, it is an election strategy of CPI(M) to woo the Muslim vote bank of Kerala. The recent state budget had provided Rs. 100 million for the implementation of the Sachar Proposals in the state. The state government was in search of finding provisions to spend such a huge amount of money to the rich and prosperous Muslims of Kerala. CPI(M)'s Muslim comrade ministers Paloli Ahamed Kutty and Elamaram Kareem were in search of finding solutions to the Marxist party's gusto. Thus, the new proposal of pension is the brain child of these Muslim comrades. Recently, the Central Government decided to make the madrasa education equivalent to CBSE, the most prestigious formal education in India. It is the paradox that this decision was taken by HR ministry when the fundamentalist and theocratic Muslim courtiers all over are thinking to find provision to bind up or modify the barbarous form of education that is madrasa.

In the case of Kerala, a LDC having thirty years of state service is getting hardly a pension amount of Rs. 3000/-. The new budgetary proposal of the State government assures Rs. 4000/- as pension to the teachers of madrasa. As a part of formal obligation to religious laws they are sending their young ones to the madrasas. Simultaneously, those living in most remote villages are sending their boys and girls compulsorily to the secular schools. Notwithstanding to see these facts the Marxist party is overenthusiastic to extend 'rewards' to those who are striving to pull-back the society to the "golden days" of 7th century tribal primitive life of Arabia. A lion share of the madrasa teachers are not at all Arabic scholars. They hardly read and write the Quranic verses without knowing its meaning, is the real situation of Kerala. Above all, most of them have no basic education or even not bearing the qualification to court the State Government's last grade jobs. In addition to it the madrasa teachership is the last option of an average Muslim of Kerala. More over, the minimum required service to entitle them for pension is ten year madrasa service. The proof of their service is the letter from a mosque as in the case of the appointment of Arabic teachers in the aided and government schools in the seventies of the last century. On the other hand, a government employee is entitled to pension must have a service of more than fifteen years. What an illogicality it is? No doubt it is an encouragement to the barbarous concept of darul Islam.

Another offer of the LDF government is an additional soup of Rs. 1000/- every month as scholarship to Muslim girls. The Muslims girls are second to none now-a-days in Kerala. For instance, for the last five years the top scorers in the SSLC, HSC, Medical and Engineering Entrance examinations are Muslim girls from the Malappuram district. Especially the state's women population irrespective of their religious status are completely literate. Above all, the latest economic survey conducted by the Marxist party's intellectual wing revealed that one amongst three Muslim households has a Gulf employed person. But in the case of Hindus, it is one in ten households. All this prove that the Muslim population of Kerala is in all respect far-ahead to its Hindu counterparts.

The Muslim community owns 95 aided arts and science colleges, 3 medical colleges, 16 engineering colleges as against the entire Hindu jatis educational institutional ownership of 72, 3, 10 respectively. The Government of Kerala is eagerly striving (Bhaggeratha Yagnam) to bring the centre of Aligarh Muslim University at Malappuram without considering the Muslim educational excellence in the state. This university from its very inception functioned as the epicentere of Muslim fanaticism and communal vivisection of India. The purpose of the Taliban Muslims of Aligarh and Kerala are the extension of the 20th century communal divide of Northern India to the South India. The coalition politics of Kerala now as the part of its foolery of wooing vote banks, knowingly or unknowingly becoming instrumental to the long time strategy of pan-Islamism.

It is the short cut of the CPI(M) to secure the benevolence of the anti-national Muslim sect under the command of Jamaat-e-Islami in the coming general election.

In all spheres of socio-economic life of Kerala the minority communities like Christians and Muslims are excels far more better than the Hindus. While considering the numbers of BPL families, Hindu jatis are at the top of social ranking as compared to other minority communities. On the other hand, in the case of intake of high calorie nutritious food, good living conditions, best education the minority communities are far-ahead to the Hindu jatis.

All this appeasement policies of the power-mongering politicians of Kerala will invite irrecoverable disasters to the South. The 580-km of unchecked strategically sensitive international border-that is the coastline-is the chief attraction of the Muslim fanatics of Kerala and ISI. Above all, since the beginning of the history this international border was protected by its Hindu fishermen communities. Now the ongoing and long duration conspiracy of proselytism through persecution, allurement and annihilation, the Hindu fishermen are eliminated from most part of the coastal regions of Kerala. The remaining Hindu fishermen are not economically or politically strong enough to withstand the challenges posed by the pan-Islamic forces of Kerala. So the politicians' competitive soaps of pension, scholarships, job reservations, etc going on in Kerala will invite another blood bath of division along with the annihilation of its Hindu life. It is the time to react the entire India in one voice against these improper dealings of at least its national labeled political parties. May I propose a little change to text of the 19th century call of Swami Vivekananda as: "these Malabari politicians are to be treated with derision by every patriotic society of India until they end their minority appeasement at the expense of the majority Hindu community".

(The writer can be contacted at Chavanickamannil Vadavathoor, Kottayam, Kerala-686 010 email:c.iissac@yahoo.com)

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