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CPM gave up Marxism for Madanism: Congress

CPM gave up Marxism for Madanism: Congress

Author: PNS
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: March 24, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/164629/CPM-gave-up-Marxism-for-Madanism-Congress.html

Unleashing scathing criticism against the opaque and unethical political deals of the CPI(M) with communal parties for electoral advantages, State Congress president Ramesh Chennithala said here on Monday that the Marxist alliance with Madani would endanger the social fabric of Kerala.

"I am ashamed of the pathetic fall of the CPI(M), a responsible political party. I it that they have given up Marxism and embraced Madanism?" he asked, while speaking at a face-to-face programme organised by the Kesari Memorial Journalists Trust here.

The CPI(M)'s deal with Abdul Nasser Madani's PDP was unethical and non-transparent, he said. It had not been endorsed even by the constituent parties of the LDF, he pointed out. "CPI leader AB Bardhan and RSP general secretary TJ Chandrachoodan have said that PDP is a communal outfit. Even then the CPI(M) is going ahead with it," Chennithala said.

"What I am seeing is the disintegration of the LDF in Kerala due to certain directionless policies of the CPI(M). All the LDF constituents are angry with the CPI(M) for its unilateral programmes. CPI(M) organ Desabhimani daily looks like a supplement for PDP these days. How can a responsible political party change like this?" he asked.

Questioning the logic of the CPI(M) argument that Madani was a changed man after his prison days in Coimbatore, Chennithala said that anybody who had seen and heard him speaking at the LDF convention in Ponnani the other day would not say so. "There was no repentance in his voice or expressions, He is his very old self and is speaking about the same things he had been speaking in the past," Chennithala said.

Refusing to view the CPI(M)-PDP alliance as a matter limited to the Marxist party or the Left front, Chennithala said that the politically immoral association had other social ramifications in the particular sociological situation of Kerala. "This alliance could endanger the Kerala society," he warned.

Chennithala said that no amount of efforts from its side to conceal the issue of the multicrore SNC Lavalin corruption case would help it to achieve that goal. "One of the main issues of this election will be the SNC Lavalin case. We would raise it strongly in our campaign," Chennithala said.

The CPI(M) and Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan were trying to bury the SNC Lavalin issue in the context of the election. "Has the Advocate General given legal advise to prosecute (Pinarayi Viajayan)? If not, why is he not giving it. The people want to know all this," the Congress leader said.

Chennithala charged that the LDF Government had not been doing anything for the people for the past three years since it came to power. "They may now say that they can't do anything because of the election code of conduct. There is no surprise. It is as though the code of conduct has been there for the whole three years," he ridiculed.

Speaking at a face-to-face programme at Thrissur Press Club on Monday, Opposition leader Oommen Chandy pointed out that it was the former Left Front Government headed by (late) Chief Minister EK Nayanar which had arrested Madani over the Coimbatore blasts.

"Then they had upheld that arrest as a great achievement of their government. How does then Madani become a saint for them? As far as we are concerned, PDP is an outfit that spreads communal poison all around." Chandy said. The people would not endorse such an unholy alliance, he said.

Chandy said that the UDF leaders had visited Madani in the prison at Coimbatore only because of humanistic considerations. The basic reason was the principle that it was not just to keep one behind the bars for long without trial, he added.

CPI(M) central committee member EP Jayarajan reacted to the charges made by Chennithala saying in Palakkad that the Congress leader was expressing such opinions due to his ignorance.

He claimed that no LDF constituent had any objection to the alliance with Madani's PDP.

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