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Noise of shallow water

Noise of shallow water

Author: Editorial
Publication: Marathi Daily 'Pudhari'
Date: March 29, 2009

Since the time from when there has been a storm raised over the speech of Varun Gandhi, BJP candidate from Pilbit constituency, we have been firmly stating that there is no substance. But like the adage that 'shallow water makes more noise,' media did not have this outlook at all. We are surprised that this is not paid attention by the anti-BJP parties also.. Because, the so called 'trap' which was said to have set for him, seems to have now turned to be beneficial for BJP along with Varun.. This fear is being expressed by media only. The media raised the storm stating that that speech of Varun was anti-Muslim and instigating hatred. Then the Election Commission woke up and directed District Officers to lodge a criminal case on him. Not only the EC stopped there, but also relying on the media's news declared Varun 'Guilty'.. Therefore, the TV channels became ready to make a 'shikaar' of Varun. Among all this confusion, on dismissing the petition of Varun by Allahabad High Court, news was flashed over them as if Varun is finished. But all of them had forgotten that he is an expert on law and highly educated person. The use of law can't be done by one side only. Both sides can use it equally shrewdly. It appeared that nobody was aware that Varun Gandhi could employ the law cleverly for political mileage. And now the same situation has arisen. The storm raised against Varun is proving to be beneficial to Varun along with BJP. On dismissal of his petition by Allahabad High Court, by deciding not to apply for anticipatory bail, in a way, he challenged UP Government and Election Commission.

Looking at the legal battle, the ball is now in the court of Varun-opponents. But they are now confused as to how to send it back and where. The dilemma is if he is arrested according to law, he is going to get martyrdom, if arrest is avoided, the picture will be that the law is helpless before him. FIR was lodged against him and the Police can arrest him for an instigating speech. But his conviction after proving his guilt and verdict against him and the High Court's confirmation of it is necessary. But on that account he cannot be declared ineligible for election for instigating speech. That means, for his so-called instigating speech he cannot be declared ineligible for election whether he is arrested or not. In the Parliament, legislative assemblies and even in the cabinets, many certified murderers; rapists are working on that account only. Then which law can stop him from contesting election? Nobody was aware that this very hurricane could be used by him to cover him with political martyrdom. Now that he has refused to proceed with request for anticipatory bail, there is a question mark before the law (in truth, before the law observing political parties and leaders). What will be the political consequences of arresting him is a question troubling many. Therefore only, the BJP, which was trying to stay away from Varun, is now firmly backing him (of course for political gains). On the other hand, all those who were impatient for his arrest are extremely worried over the likely consequences of his arrest. What now! What Varun will do if arrested! What will be the effect on the mindset of the people?

If anticipatory bail is not taken?

Yet, there has not been a warrant of his arrest. But with the accusation leveled against him, he can be arrested any moment. After, arrest, he can get bail immediately. But if he does not apply for bail and prefers to stay behind the bars? Varun with his instigating and vehement speech would be better as so many accusations can be leveled against him from many corners of the country. But if he refuses bail and prefers to remain behind bars, BJP could display his large posters throughout the country and create a wave of sympathy. Then BJP need not talk of Hindutva or religion at all. "In this country, it has become a crime to talk for self-protection by Hindus"; "Varun Gandhi is pining in Jail for it" will be the slogans of the BJP leaders for canvassing in all the villages. That canvassing cannot be called instigating. But the possibility of impressing heavily the Hindu mindset already made to feel unsafe due to Jihad. Varun behind bars can prove to be more explosive that the one talking instigating in the canvassing meetings. It will be in the hands of Varun. Even if he is getting bail he can deny the accusations and prefer to remain behind bars. No law can force him to get freedom by taking bail. Then should he be arrested and given in his hands a powerful weapon? Or avoid his arrest and show that the law and EC are impotent before him? This is the dilemma before his opponents. It is clear from all this, that Varun Gandhi is using the 5 generations shrewdness and the knowledge of law cleverly. Impatient media and political parties have given all the threads in this 29-year-old youngster.

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