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Varun says he is victim of political conspiracy

Varun says he is victim of political conspiracy

Author: PTI
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: March 18, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/163347/Varun-says-he-is-victim-of-political-conspiracy.html

Under all-round attack over his anti-Muslim speeches, BJP Lok Sabha candidate Varun Gandhi on Wednesday said the video footage was "doctored" and a "political conspiracy" has been hatched to malign him.

"I have been a victim of a political conspiracy. Those are not my words and that is not my voice. I have not made any communal statement," Varun, a scion of the estranged Gandhi family and a saffron party candidate from Pilibhit, told reporters here.

Varun said the tape has been doctored and it was a "malicious attempt" to brand him communal.

"It has been doctored. It has been a malicious attempt to brand me as communal. There is no question of my having any ill feeling towards (any) community," he said.

Varun also wondered why the CD was made public on March 16 whereas he made the speech on March 5."The CD was supposed to be made on March 5, why was it released on 16th. Where was it for 12 days, who has made it," he asked.

The 29-year-old BJP candidate, making his electoral debut, said nothing "I have ever said has been intended to incite hatred. I am pro India and not anti-anybody."

"I am proud of my faith and not apologetic about it. I am a Gandhi, a Hindu and an India in the equal measure," he said.

Varun said he has been attempting to restore confidence in a community that has been "under siege" and asked the nation to stand by him.

"My attempt has been to restore confidence in a community that has been under siege in its own country," he said, adding "I want to ask the nation to stand by me."

Varun alleged that in Pilibhit, Hindus are living under "fear" and "three temples have been vandalised in the block in which I have supposed to have given the speech."

"Pilibhit is a sensitive border area. There is widespread fear, arms are being smuggled into ghettos to be used against India," he said.

Varun said "when things are seen out of context, there is always the danger of misunderstanding.

"India is a big country with a big heart. There is room in it for all to live in peace and goodwill. That is my sincere hope and effort."

He alleged there have been attempts to brand as communal anybody "identifying with the Hindu community", and maintained that he has not done anything to "incite hatred".

Varun also claimed that "cow slaughter remains" have been found in various houses in his constituencies and no action has been taken against it.

Accusing the authorities of giving a raw deal to the Hindus, he said "thousands and thousands of people from Hindu community have been under arrest under the National Security Act."

The Election Commission has ordered filing of a criminal case against the BJP candidate for his alleged inflammatory speech with communal overtones.

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