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Home should remove doubts over Madani, says VS

Home should remove doubts over Madani, says VS

Author: PNS
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: April 6, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/167541/Home-should-remove-doubts-over-Madani-says-VS.html

Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan has said that the Home Department of Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan of the CPI(M) had the responsibility to answer to the doubts of the media in the issue of PDP chairman Abdul Nasser Madani's alleged terror connections.

Speaking about the reported role of Madani's wife Sufiya in the sensational case of bus-burning at Kalamassery in 2005 in an TV interview, Achuthanandan said that there was nothing wrong in the media raising criticisms if the Home Department was not taking necessary action in such issues.

In such situations, the Home Ministry should take the necessary action examining the matter, he said. The Government was responsible for solving the doubts of the media, Achuthanandan added.

The Chief Minister said that it was up to Madani and his wife to come clean on the issues like the bus-burning. They should be ready to remove the doubts in the minds of the people. They should also be prepared to correct themselves if they had done wrong, he said. Madani and Sufiya should prove their innocence in the case through the accepted methods, Achuthanandan said.

At the same time, Madani himself sought to wriggle out of the issue of the bus-burning case through his statements during his ten-day Satyameva Jayate Kerala march being held to garner votes for the LDF. At Kollam he said that Majeed Parampayi, fifth accused in the bus-burning case, had no relations with the PDP but that he was actually a Congressman.

Madani said that Majeed had been expelled from the PDP two years before the terror act in Kalamassery. He had been a Congress worker later and it was K Sudhakaran, Congress MLA from Kannur, who had enrolled him in his party, Madani claimed.

Majeed had told the police as back as in 2005 that Sufiya had conceived, planned and got executed the burning of the Tamil Nadu State bus at Kalamassery as a retaliatory act for the torture on Madani at the Coimbatore prison. He had also said that Sufiya had paid him Rs 20,000 after the operation.

Observers said Madani's new urgency to disown Majeed was the result of the pressures of the situation after the Aluva court's directive to the Kalamasssery police to investigate in detail about the alleged role of Sufiya. They said he had earlier claimed that Majeed had not given any statement against Sufiya voluntarily.

The PDP chairman had at a Press conference last week in Thiruvananthapuram said that the statement against his wife had been written down by the police themselves after getting a white paper signed by Majeed using torture in custody.

Even as the Chief Minister wanted the Home department to take action in Madani's case, the Pinarayi Vijayan camp in the State CPI(M) continued its efforts to justify the poll alliance with the PDP and to describe the Congress-led UDF as an unethical entity which would do anything to get some votes.

Pinarayi-camper and Cooperation Minister G Sudhakaran tried in Alappuzha to justify the alliance with Madani while the CPI(M) State secretary himself unleashed an attack against the UDF in Idukki. Sudhakaran said the UDF, by criticising the LDF for its alliance with Madani, was effectively upholding the slogans of the BJP.

At an election meeting held for UDF candidate Francis George of the Kerala Congress (J) in Idukki on Sunday, Pinarayi Vijayan alleged that the Congress-led UDF had degenerated into the level of a party that would do any immoral act if there were "four votes" to win.

He said this with reference to the announcement of the Popular Front of India (formerly NDF) that it would support the UDF in 18 of the total 20 seats in the State. Pinarayi said the Congress which was making arrangements with outfits like the NDF had nt been able to adopt an uncompromising attitude even in the national level.

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