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The Young and The Old

The Young and The Old

Author: Sharraryu Aroskar
Publication: FriendsOfBJP.org
Date: April 16, 2009
URL: http://friendsofbjp.org/2009/04/16/the-young-and-the-old/

"Abhi to mai Jawan Hu" - replaces Congress's election yell "Jai Ho"

I was practically laughing my heart out yesterday. The news channels were competing to cover Priyanka Gandhi in Amethi and her comments on Advani-ji and Narendra bhai. Firstly, the young lady who recommended Varun the lessons of Gita and principles of the Nehru Gandhi family failed to adhere to the same herself. The leaders whom she called "old" in a derogatory sense, though from the opposition party, are a generation older than her. She could have left it to the Congress spokesperson to react to Mr. Modi rather than taking un-warranted control and defying her own words on principles of the Nehru Gandhi family, that she had uttered taking high moral grounds on national television. It apparently seems that Congress today is standing on grounds that it cannot hold on to. One time its secular and then highly moral and further their actions and manifestos refute it.

Sticking to the topic, I have been hearing a lot of hue and cry in the media about young India and old politicians. This issue is so much hyped today that veterans in politics are almost projected as being useless and a fleet of young politicians are expected to take over. This is like saying - since the firm I work for has an average age of 29, let's sack the CEO who is 60 and get a person who is 35 instead. First of all, the whole media coverage, most of it being pro Congress is a strategy to project Rahul Gandhi as the next or rather interim Prime Minister when Congress comes to power. It is a strategy of Congress to lure youth votes for candidates like Priya Dutt and Milind Deora. It is shameful that an old party like Congress needs to point at veteran BJP leaders to prove their mettle. They should not forget that contribution of leaders like Mr. Vajpayee, Morarji Desai etc. has been instrumental not only in strengthening democracy but also placing the country on a progressive path with a vision that not everyone in this country has.

I am in my late twenties, representing the youth of urban India. Today my concerns are strategy and vision for the country, employment, justice, progress, literacy, security and respect for my countrymen. When I try to think of a person who can understand this country and its political environment to make real the picture I see of my country twenty years from now, I vehemently support an experienced leadership at the top. The veterans today have seen India through its freedom struggle till date. The first hand experience has taught them a lot and refined their vision. The youth in this country definitely counts. Their views, progress, health and welfare matter. Most political parties have a youth wing and it is one of the most trusted ways of finding youth leadership. Mr. Vajpayee was one of the best Prime Ministers this country has had. I respect his vision and awe his potential to keep everyone together.

The youth definitely has a role to play and deny veteran mediocrity. However, to hold any high office in today's corporate world you have to be something more than just being young or old. Though the mental built required for the two jobs (corporate & political) are a little different, each one has a specific requisite in terms of knowledge, expertise, vision and strategy. Today, if every common citizen in this country has to prove his performance to earn his bread and move ahead in life then why are some politicians blessed with positions merely because they have a famous surname and come from political families. Young politicians definitely have a place in the political arena but the emphasis should be on performance, merit, learning and starting from ground that is apt for the capability of an individual.

Priyanka Vadra is politically relevant because she was born to Rajiv & Sonia Gandhi. So is the case with Milind Deora, Priya Dutt and off course Rahul Gandhi. Walking on the streets with people, working for a few minutes with construction workers and eating and sleeping for a night in a BPL family's house does not solve their plight. Its takes vision, it takes experience, it takes will, it takes commitment to get the nation on the path to development. Being in the Government does not mean horse trading and mocking the democracy. Being in Government does not mean striking out every good idea put forth by the opposition. It means an inclination to govern the country right.

Giving speeches and then running into AC cars doesn't represent young India. Congress should remember that it has invited trouble comments from Mr. Modi as an answer to its own prank of calling the veterans in BJP "old" and hence non-effective. If Congress can take this stand without much analysis what's wrong in Narendra Bhai's conclusion about the 150 year old party. When Priyanka Gandhi playfully asks if she looks like a "Budhiya"? After having a hearty laugh I would say, "Madam, it's not about being a "budhiya" or a "gudiya", it about reverence, will and foresight for this country and love for countrymen. Just as a note, the AC car driven "young candidates" of Congress do not represent Indian youth. I have to take public transport in this heat to earn my monthly salary. I don't have the option of visiting my work place once in five years. I work hard everyday for myself, my family and my country. Now that you field "young" candidates that don't represent Indian youth they are anyways useless without proven performance record or qualification. The veterans in Congress, who we do respect, always wait for high command approval so they lose the respect of young India. This means your finger pointing is invalid and needs some introspection. Every firm that is affected by under-performance due to wasteful nature of spending over the period of years is usually restructured. I believe this is what Congress needs."

[The author is working with a well known Sales & Marketing strategic consulting firm in Pune. She has an under-grad in Computer Science from Mumbai University and Masters from Texas A&M University, USA]

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