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26/11 cop's widow wants revenge

26/11 cop's widow wants revenge

Author: Vinod Kumar Menon
Publication: Mid Day
Date: April 19, 2009
URL: http://www.mid-day.com/news/2009/apr/190409-Ambadas-Pawar-late-constable-26th-november-martyr-Abu-Ismail-Mohammad-Qasab-Kalpana-widow.htm

"HANG him (Qasab) in public, he killed my husband," said an emotional Kalpana Pawar (24), wife of slain police constable Ambadas Pawar (28), who fought Qasab and his associate Abu Ismail on the night of 26/11.

Perhaps she would not have known of her husband's dying act. But his colleagues got their hands on a photograph that showed Pawar holding a rifle that he was aiming at the terrorists, minutes before he was killed.
Kalpana has since been employed with the Saraswat Co-operative Bank, Antop Hill branch.

That night, Ambadas had been speaking to Kalpana on his mobile. As the train reached CST, she heard some
commotion and gunshots. "Ambadas told me not to worry and disconnected the phone, and i never heard from him again."

Kalpana now wants to fulfill her husband's dream to ensure that their child Vivek studies hard and joins the police force and to complete her own graduation (she has studied till her HSC year).

Kalpana is determined to show the photograph of Qasab and Ambadas in action to their only child Vivek to remind him of the hero his father was.

"I hope it will make him want to join the police force," said Kalpana.

Kalpana is overwhelmed that the Saraswat Co-operative Bank employed her. She also received financial assistance from various corporate houses, which she has invested for her son.

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