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'Pseudo-secular parties maligning Muslim leaders, parties': Dr Ayub

'Pseudo-secular parties maligning Muslim leaders, parties': Dr Ayub

Author: Mumtaz Alam Falahi
Publication: TwoCircles.net
Date: April 22, 2009
URL: http://www.twocircles.net/2009apr22/pseudo_secular_parties_maligning_muslim_leaders_parties_dr_ayub.html

Dr Ayub, president, Peace Party, a UP-based Muslim political party, has refuted the allegations made in some news reports that he and his party are being backed by BJP to divide Muslim votes in Uttar Pradesh so that the Congress could be checked.

The allegations are part of propaganda by pseudo-secular parties like Congress, BSP and SP to malign Muslim leaders and their parties, Dr Ayub told TwoCircles.net adding that these parties are doing so because they are afraid of the awakening of the Muslim community.

"Muslims have become aware. These pseudo-secular parties are afraid of their awakening. So, they want to divide them and malign Muslim political parties in their eye," he said. "I do not find any difference between BJP and pseudo-secular parties," he added.

He refuted the charge that he had met L K Advani. "I have never met him. All the allegations in news reports are just rubbish. We are considering legal actions against some newspapers which have made such baseless allegations," Dr Ayub said.

Recently some news reports published in the print media said some Muslim political leaders and strong candidates of Muslim political parties are being backed by BJP in Muslim-dominated Lok Sabha seats in UP. The reports said the BJP wants to check Congress in the state. The reports also said that SP was also thinking on BJP line.

Some reports quoting unknown sources had claimed that some Muslim leaders had met Advani at his residence in Delhi some time back and there the strategy was chalked out. According to the strategy, the BJP agreed to support candidates of Peace Party in 20 Muslim-dominated districts like Dumariyaganj, Kaiserganj, Gonda, Shrawasti, Bharaich, Barabanki, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur, the reports claimed.

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