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Lalu's challenge to the EC

Lalu's challenge to the EC

Author: Dr Mrs Hilda Raja
Date: April 10, 2009

On the 6th April at Kishanganj-Bihar, the railway minister Lalu Prasad Yadav's hate outburst against Varun Gandhi is not only a violation against the model code of conduct but it is a threat to peace. He has revealed a murderous mind-the intent to murder is obvious and explicit-which calls for booking him under the IPC-threat to murder. Two persons by his side-Ramvilas Paswan and Taslimuddin both Union ministers stood by his side while he held out this threat which means they too are a party to it. Take the reality scenario-*This threat to crush Varun Gandhi is a reaction to Varun Gandhi's violation of the model code. Varun Gandhi only said that if a Hindu is killed he will chop off that hand. This is justice according to Islamic law. He did not say that he would retaliate by killing -but only chopping off the hand which killed a Hindu. He did not specify the hand's ownership by any creed. *On the other hand Lalu Prasad clearly and openly stated that he would crush Varun Gandhi under a roller- and destroy him without caring for the consequences. And Lalu was a chief minister, a cabinet minister and is supposed to be a responsible person. I wonder what the Election Commission is going to do. A hate speech of Varun Gandhi attracted the ire of the EC and he was punished. Still Mayavati thought it befitting to slapped NSA on him and put him behind the bars because he was a threat to National Security. Is that not ridiculous to showcase Varun Gandhi as a threat to national security but allow real terrorists to strut across the country. Now with a responsible person like a Cabinet Minister holding out a threat to murder (crush) Varun and two Union Ministers standing as witnesses to this exposes the whole country's terror system. Hate speech is condemned but threat to murder is by passed. Lalu is not above the law. *It is netas like him for the sake of Muslim votes who have created hatred and disharmony and are the real threats to National security. Are Hindus sacrificial lambs? If they are killed should one bypass it? Does uniqueness and preciousness of life depend on the creed of the person? Are not all Indians irrespective of their religious affiliations equal before the law and are sacred and precious to this land? This is the whole problem with our communal netas.*

There is a Godhra and that is bypassed as an accident. No tear was shed for roasting of the poor people within the locked compartments. There is a back lash and the subsequent Gujarat riots of 2002 and the whole nation is rocked with cries for justice. *One is reminded of the mob which cried out to free Barabas and crucify Jesus. What we have today is Barabas justice. The judiciary should take note of this*-the Election commission cannot become the humble handmaid of the powers and like the ostrich hide its head into the sand. There is no need for even a formal complaint.

The EC must serve the people and not a few individuals after all it is the people who are its paymasters. The cry for justice will reach out and will bring destruction on ourselves if this nation cannot uphold justice. The happenings in Pakistan are an example to us. The likes of Lalu and Paswan live only in division and thrive in communal ghettos. If people are united they will no longer be netas. Whose roller is Lalu going to use to crush Varun Gandhi-the railway departments?

Known to have fleeced Bihar-retarded development in that State after having been in power for 15 years Lalu thinks that he has grown to such heights that he is above the law. To be one up with Nitish he is wooing the Muslim votes by holding out murder threats. His place is within the bars and it is a right case for NSA to be slapped on him because of his murderous outlook and his inciting and arousing communal hatred. Bring Lalu to justice and the two witnesses for abetting the murder threat by their silence. They should have disassociated themselves from such a murder threat. But by standing silently by the side of a potential murderer they have abetted his murder threat.

By his utterance Lalu seems to have specialized in different forms of murder one should say. So the roller threat-if analyzed shows his complete depraved mind. To be crushed by a roller means all bones and flesh made to a pulp. He is fully aware of his intent and the consequences and throws out a challenge that he does not care for the consequences. It is the duty of every right thinking citizen of this country to make persons like Lalu care-care for the consequences and not get away by murder intent. This is the kind of mentality which needs immediate treatment for he is a real danger to the people and threat to the nation. If justice cannot take its rightful course then people will be forced to take justice into their hands.

Lalu's threat has exposed the whole rotten system of this country. He has sent a powerful signal that he does not care for the consequences because he is fully aware that nobody will dare to touch him. It is a challenged thrown to the Election Commission, to the Judiciary, to the people of this country, "Catch me if you can". Is the media out there?

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