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Sri Lanka's war of attrition - Church ignited and fueled

Sri Lanka's war of attrition - Church ignited and fueled

Author: Radha Rajan
Publication: Vigil Public Opinion Forum
Date: April 24, 2009
URL: http://www.vigilonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1088&Itemid=1

English news channels had a field day taunting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister variously with 'blinking first', 'swallowing' and 'backtracking' on the issue of the LTTE. All English news channels, without exception, attributed Karunanidhi's volte face to pressure from the Congress. Of course, this fiction suits the English media because 'Congress pressure' is pseudonym for 'Sonia pressure' and diminishing Karunanidhi adds an additional two feet to Sonia Gandhi's Forbes-manufactured pogo stick.

In the face of it, the tragedy of the Tamils of Sri Lanka seems complex because of the different forces at work in that island-nation; these forces have caused the spill-over into India. South and South-East Asia are the last theaters for the ceaseless cosmic war between the two well-organized Abrahamic faiths. Across the globe, all separatist, secessionist, political insurgent movements are only Christian (Poland, erstwhile Soviet Union and other Balkan states, East Timor), Church-backed (Tamil Nadu lawyers' strike, LTTE and Maoists of Nepal and India) or Islamic movements. These movements, when allowed to succeed have always ended only in the creation of new Christian or Islamic states.

To defeat such Church-backed or Islamic secessionist movements it must first be understood that Islam and Christianity by their very nature are political entities with political objectives; they only masquerade as religions. Every non-Muslim, non-Christian country therefore must hold the adherents of Islam and Christianity as potential insurgents and foot-soldiers for their religions who pose a threat to national security in more ways than one; this entails keeping a watchful eye on all their activities and particularly for any attempt to alter the religious demography in any part of their country. India's stake in Sri Lanka is historical; not merely because the country is contiguous with Tamil Nadu but more importantly to protect the civilisational content and character of the region.

The cancerous advance of the Church in Asia is best gauged from the fact that India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Nepal and Japan, Hindu and Buddhist countries all, have de-facto and de-jure Christian Heads of Government. India abandoning Nepal to its fate and abdicating her responsibility in Sri Lanka can only be attributed to the fact that it is the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi who controls the government today. India has always been diffident in her foreign policy with nations in the immediate neighborhood but she turned her face away from Sri Lanka after 2004, even after the LTTE demonstrated that it had an expanding navy and air-force with the capability of inflicting huge damages not only to Sri Lanka but also to India.

While both Islam and Christianity have world hegemony as their core objective, an important distinction has to be made between these two religions with regard to their methods and weapons of war. Islam has no use for subterfuge and continues to use jihad and the sword of jihad for conquest through subjugation and/or annihilation of non-Muslims while Christianity has created the Church as its First Soldier. The Church wields the sword ruthlessly wherever it controls the state or has altered the religious demography in its favour but it has also devised sophisticated weapons for use in war-by-other-means in countries where Christians are a religious minority; charity and trade being two of the most insidious and therefore the most effective among these weapons. Offers of 'Prayer' is the latest weapon in the Church's arsenal and this is also deployed in partnership with charity and/or trade in countries and homes where people find themselves in conditions of extreme distress.

Lives of peoples of non-Abrahamic societies have been governed in the main by local societal structures and collectives. Problems among groups within a locality have largely been resolved only through local initiatives; while the more intractable problems were resolved by higher authorities or wisely simply allowed to be resolved over time. Hindu civilisational ethos frowned at external interference into local affairs and such interference was discouraged and even resisted by force because such interference was perceived as erosion of the autonomy and the authority which was vested in local social structures. It was the near total autonomy of organic social collectives and structures of organization and order which left Hindu kings or the state with only residuary powers.

Islamic invasion and occupation of India did not interfere with local customs and traditions of governance; Christian-colonialism changed all that. Globalising or internationalising a problem is a Church-initiated trend in international affairs and is the root-cause for American and EU interference, including military intervention, famously called global policing or humanitarian intervention into non-Christian and non-White countries.

The problem of untouchability in Hindu society and the problem between the Sinhala and Tamil speaking peoples of Sri Lanka have a history rooted in their own societies but these problems have been fueled, fanned and allowed to become a conflagration engulfing territories beyond national borders only by the Church in both countries. The British colonial government, for obvious self-serving reasons, permitted and even encouraged the Church to play mischief in society by intervening in issues which did not concern it. The Church fattens itself, expands and grows only by weakening the society within which it has planted itself; and that is why this writer has consistently maintained that the Church, old and new, and cutting across denominations, is by nature cancerous. It ultimately destroys the body which welcomed it inside and made it feel at home.

Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians and Shintos of Asia must unite to resist this cancer and thwart the Christian agenda of planting the Cross in Asia in the third millennium. India, China, Japan and Sri Lanka must understand what is happening in Sri Lanka if they have to avert the fate that has already overtaken South Korea and Nepal. The Church today effectively controls the polity in almost all countries of Asia by controlling the ruling elite or the voting populace or both. The Church, like Islam has utilized democracy with its attendant baggage freedom of religion, in countries where non-Christians and non-Muslims constitute the majority populace, for its ultimate undemocratic objectives.

The knotty Indian involvement in Sri Lankan affairs has to be unraveled thread by thread if Hindu India has to forge new, far-sighted and purposeful international alliances to keep both Islam and the Church at bay in Asia. Indira Gandhi was more muscle than mind because she, like her father before her, did not have the foresight to allow important trends in our country's journey through history to progress to their logical conclusion; for all her much-touted political acumen, she failed to annex East Pakistan to India after liberating it from Pakistan. She also failed to take back PoK when India's military might could have crushed Pakistan, and even returned Pakistani territories captured by our army during war. Retrieving PoK, capturing and occupying Pakistani territory, annexing East-Pakistan to India would have effectively started the process of reversing the vivisection of 1947, checked Islam in the East, West and North while annexing East Pakistan to India would not have linked us directly to the North-east and served also to control the unchecked malevolent activities of the Church in the now geographically isolated region. It was also a clueless Indira Gandhi who first bought the LTTE lemon sold to her by the wily MG Ramachandran and enmeshed New Delhi in the web of Sri Lankan affairs.

The Church has always fished in troubled waters both to gain influence in the locality and also to seek new converts to its faith. The Church has habitually turned important local communities irreversibly against each other and then stepped in to act as referee or savior; this was one of the weapons devised by the Church to penetrate the closely knit and autonomous Hindu society. The crux of the problem in Sri Lanka today is that successive Sri Lankan governments have failed to provide Sri Lankan Tamils with constitutional rights to equality and have refused to share power equitably with the Tamils. This alone should point us to the fact that at the time of independence from colonial rule, the Christian-colonial government and the Church in Sri Lanka had already fueled the Sinhala-Tamil divide and had made reconciliation between them close to impossible.

Needless to say, the ruling Sinhala elite were Christian in the main. But so intense was the Sinhala-Tamil divide that the powerful Buddhist clergy consented to the majority Sinhala Buddhist populace being ruled by Sinhala Christians rather than bridge the Sinhala Buddhist-Tamil Hindu divide. Penetration and control of the Buddhist clergy by the Church began in Sri Lanka and has progressed rapidly in all Buddhist nations of Asia. The Tibetan Buddhists are the latest and most famous to welcome the cancer into their bodies.

The Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka had effectively been alienated from the Tamil Hindus even as the Church, which had already penetrated deep into Sinhala society, began its operations among the Tamil speaking people. This is typical Church modus operandi - create discord and then begin to harvest souls from among both warring sections. Knowing well enough that sowing the seeds of discord blatantly between Buddhism and Hinduism would have triggered a civilisational backlash against the Church, the alienation was effected on the basis of language. The Tamils of Sri Lanka were told by the Church that they were a separate nation. American think-tanks readily picked up the theme; which fact alone should prove the hand of the Church. Such was the diabolic Goebbelsian Christian brainwashing of the people of Sri Lanka that till today the conflict is perceived only as a Sinhala-Tamil divide and not a Church-aided and abetted clash of civilizations.

A similar attempt had already been made by the Church in India since the days of the East India Company within caste groups in Hindu society. The non-Brahmin Hindus were told how the Brahmins were conquering Aryans from Central Asia, how the Saivism of dravidian Bharata had nothing to do with Vedic Brahminism (not Hinduism mind you), how the victims of untouchability were not Hindus at all and how tribal communities had no religion and their practices did not amount to worship of the divine. 'Dravida and Dravidian' had been successfully transformed from a geographic concept to a racial concept.

The usual experts on foreign policy and strategic issues will insist on still talking about the tragedy of Sri Lanka as a Sinhala-Tamil issue while it is actually a diabolic Christian agenda which is being played out. As mentioned earlier, the so-called Sri Lankan government, notwithstanding a powerful Buddhist clergy has been headed in the main only by Sinhala Christians - Solomon Bandaranaike, Srimavo Bandaranaike, Julius Jayawardene, Chandrika Kumaratunge, daughter of Bandaranaike and Cyril Mahinda Rajapakse to name a few. The two most famous Tamils in Sinhala-Christian headed governments- the late Lakshman Kadirgamar and Douglas Devanandam (EPDP) are also both Christians. Christians among the ruling Sinhala elite, Christians among the Tamil ruling elite, Christians among the insurgents and terrorists in the LTTE, no matter who wins or loses, who lives or dies, it is a win-win situation for the Church in Sri Lanka and for all Christianity.

Hindu society is seemingly fragmented in Tamil Nadu while the Brahmin/non-Brahmin divide seems insurmountable. The ruling elite in Tamil Nadu are the dravidian anti-Hindu, irreligious and Christian/crypto-Christian elite with Islam playing a poor-second fiddle. The 'supreme' leaders of both the AIADMK and DMK, like Mayawati, want to graduate to wielding power from Delhi while keeping their regional fiefdoms intact for their families, natural and surrogate. Compulsions of coalition politics have forced New Delhi to take note of the Tamil issue which in a real sense is only an internal matter of Sri Lanka. Historically both the Sinhala speaking and Tamil speaking people of Sri Lanka are our own; it is Tamil Nadu's dravidian polity which is compelling New Delhi to attend to the concerns of the Tamils alone.

Dravidian polity subscribes to the Church/western nations theory that the Tamils are a separate nation. The core objective of both the Church and Islam is to set up separate states and nations on the basis of their claims to 'separateness'. The Tamils of Sri Lanka foolishly bought the Church's arguments of separateness not realizing that while this argument plunged the Buddhists and Hindus into a war of attrition in the name of language, the Church in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu fattened itself with our blood. The Sinhala-Christian government, the Christian-headed UPA government and the dravidian Tamil Nadu government, all obligingly looked the other way as world churches plunged enthusiastically to harvest souls using the war of attrition and the tsunami to their advantage.

The Church in India has learnt from Islam the important lesson of entrenching itself in sizeable pockets instead of being thinly spread over ineffectively. Tamil Nadu's coastline has been Christianised as have been the coastal districts. These pockets have become Christian vote banks and it is this vote bank with its own Christian political parties and Christian politicians which compelled even Jayalalithaa to espouse the cause of the separatist Tamil state of Eelam. The DMK was once espousing Eelam too until the sweetness of power in Delhi tamed its separatist ambitions. The DMK learnt the important lesson that there is more to be milked from Delhi than from a separate Tamil state even if the state existed on either side of the Palk Strait. But the Church has no such reservations. Every new Christian state, including the Tamil state of Eelam, is another part of the globe brought under its hegemony.

The Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka must wake up to the fact that by keeping the Sinhala-Tamil divide active and burning through the agencies of the Sinhala Christian government and Christian LTTE, the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Hindus are being systemically and systematically disempowered. Unless there is a farsighted civilisational coming together of the Buddhists and Hindus of Sri Lanka to re-arrange their polity rendering the language divide irrelevant, with force if need be, this time against the machinations of the world Church, both Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka will one day wake up to see the Christian state of Tamil Eelam becoming a reality.

The Hindus in the Indian National Congress, bhaktas of 'secular polity' like the suave Naveen Patnaik and the rustic Lalu, Mulayam and Mayawati, and the anti-Hindu Left must realize that by colluding with each other against politically assertive self-conscious Hindus, they are mortgaging their Hinduness and their self-respect actually to the Church through its Christian agents Sonia and her offspring who have already been positioned firmly as future Prime Ministers. Sonia Gandhi has sent the unchallenged signal that no one else in the Congress, not from any part of this country, no MP, MLA, no other General Secretary, no CWC member can aspire for the post. Sonia Gandhi has declared non-verbally that if not her, then her stooge first, and then her son; later perhaps her daughter and then maybe her grand-children. The Hindus of the INC and politicians singing odes to secularism must first search for their self-respect and discover their self-worth.

LK Advani's BJP cannot sing bhajans to the Second Vatican Council papal doctrine of inter-faith dialogue. This party is criminally guilty of committing itself in its election manifesto to interfaith dialogue and to approach the issue of religious conversion on the basis of the 'unanimous' 2006 Vatican document on the issue. That the document was 'unanimous' speaks volumes of the caliber of the Hindus who presented themselves submissively before the Vatican when summoned to give a voice vote; and that the BJP will be guided by the Vatican document on the issue of religious conversion speaks volumes for the BJP leadership which put this commitment shamelessly into its manifesto. As in Sri Lanka, in India too whether the Christian Sonia Gandhi's Congress wins or the Vatican-submissive Advani's BJP wins, it is win-win for the Church all the way.

The Church in Europe had always been on the side of the Monarchy and Capital. Communism was born on Christian soil reactively as much against Capital as against the Church and the Monarchy. It therefore makes sense for western communism to be anti-religion and even irreligious. But the Left in India has no such historical burden. Instead of mindlessly inheriting the anti-religion tenet of western communism, the Left in India could become a winning economic doctrine and political ideology if it Hinduised itself and promised to protect and defend the civilisational legacy, character and ethos of this nation; failing which the communist parties in India will wake up one day to find that the Church has Christianised the CPI and the CPM as effectively as it has already Christianised/criminalised the Maoists and Naxals. A Hinduised Left can travel beyond the confines of Kerala and West Bengal.

Sri Lanka is close to home and a test-case for what is in store for us if idiot Hindus choose politics of minority-ism in the guise of secularism. Only an increasingly talibanised Islam and imperial Church will stand to gain from de-Hinduising the polity. India will become another Africa - with Islam and the Church dividing the Hindu nation equally between them. If India falls then Asia, the last bastion, also falls.

PS: The fact that the Sri Lanka Tamil issue is purely Church-backed and not an ethnic Tamil issue as pretended, can be seen from the sheer indifference of all Indian Tamil political parties to the plight of Tamils in Malaysia, who have been fighting a civilisational onslaught from Islam alone. The Malaysia Tamils' self-identity is 'Hindu,' not Tamil, and their struggle is against forced or coerced conversions to Islam; marginal gains are now beginning to be made from their own efforts. New Delhi has been shamelessly ignorant of their plight. Even the BJP manifesto has failed to recognise them.

Another country where the hand of the Church is blatantly visible is Myanmar, where the Christian Aung Sang Syu Ki - a woman married to a British Christian and whose two sons are British citizens - is sought to be foisted upon the nation. Here again, the Buddhist clergy has been infiltrated and has provided the crowds agitating for enthronement of a Christian ruler over Buddhist country.

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