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Sadhvi Pragya assaulted by Muslim woman in Jail

Sadhvi Pragya assaulted by Muslim woman in Jail

Author: Chaitra Krushna Dwadashi
Publication: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
Date: April 22, 2009
URL: http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/6789.html

Sadhvi Pradnyasing beaten severly in jail by Muslim prisoner

Congress Government having Aurangjeb's attitude allowing Muslim prisoner to beat Sadhvi Pradnyasing severly!

Suspected conspiracy by jail administration

Remember! No strong Nationalist organizations and Political Parties would take any action!

Suspected Sadhvi Pradnyasing in Malegao bomb blast was beaten severely by Muslim prisoner Mumtaj Sheikh in Bhaykala Jail. (Kasab, terrorist attacker on Mumbai is given such a good treatment in jail that his weight has increased by 4 kgs; whereas Hindu Saints are not even protected. There is no alternative to this oppressive Mogal attitude of Congress except revolt! - Editor)

Adv. Navin Chomal, pleader for Sadhvi Pradnyasing alleged in 'Mocoa' court that the said beating was conspired with the consent of jail administration. (What else would the police administration do in 'Ravan Rajya'? O, Hindus, start agitation uniting for action against the police officers involved in the case instead of relying on the strong Nationalist organizations and Political Parties! - Editor) Adv. Chomal asked for permission for filing a complaint against those involved in the case and Judge Y.D. Shinde gave the permission. Thereafter Adv. Chomal immediately filed a complaint at the Mazgao Police Station against Inspector of Prison, Shri. Sudhir Shinkre and the Muslim accused Mumtaz Sheikh who had beaten Sadhvi. (Muslims never complain to the police, they do what they wish by taking the law in hand. As against this Hindus register a complaint at the police station; but the experience is they never get assistance from the police. It need not be surprising if the Hindus too follow the Muslims! - Editor)

There are worms in the food served to Sadhvi Pradnyasing. She went on fast against the inhuman treatment of the jail administration. The administration was in trouble. So it conspired with the Muslim prisoner and got Pradnyasing beaten severely to take a revenge on her, told Adv. Chomal to the Judge. (O,Hindus! Demand an answer from every candidate coming to ask for your votes! - Editor). Sadhvi Pradnyasing had complained several times anticipating beating; but ignored deliberately. (Anti-Hindu Secular Government is in power; so police are showing this arrogance to Hindu Saints. When Nationalists would take power into their hands by defeating Congress, file suits against each of these police officers and punish him severely! - Editor)

Losing patience, jail administration conspired with the Muslim accused to beat severely. Taking a pointed alluminium utensil (bending it forcibly to make pointed)) as weapon and pierced Sadhvi Pradnyasing making deep injuries near the eyes, nose and throat; so also on chaste and stomach. She was then brought to 'Mocoa' court. Looking at her condition Judge Y.D. Shinde granted permission to file complaints against the involved. Thereafter complaint to that effect made in Mazgao Police Station.

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