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LeT spreading tentacles

LeT spreading tentacles

Author: Editorial
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: April 9, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/168338/LeT-spreading-tentacles.html

Kerala emerging as new terror hub

It is shocking the extent to which the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba has been able to spread its jihadi tentacles in the State of Kerala. The same was revealed during the interrogation of a terrorist in Bangalore. The questioning by Karnataka Police of Sarfaras Nawaz of Ernakulam district, who had gathered funds for the Indian Mujahideen to carry out last year's bomb attacks across various cities, has also brought to light the LeT's links with Dhaka, and has confirmed previously suspected terror links between Hyderabad and the Kashmir Valley. After the bombings in Bangalore in July last year, Nawaz had gone into hiding in the Gulf from where he was arrested and brought back to India. He has told investigators that the Bangalore bombings were carried out under the direct command of the LeT. The latter's growing sphere of operations has been further highlighted through the activities of one particular terror operative named Nazeer, who is supposed to be from Neerchal in Kannur, Kerala. Nawaz has revealed that Nazeer was a key planner behind the Bangalore Indian Mujahideen strike. The Anti-Terror Squad of the Kerala Police has been trying to hunt him down for sometime now, but has so far been unsuccessful. Nawaz's interrogation suggests that Nazeer went into hiding after four Malayalee terrorists were killed in the Kashmir Valley in October last year, and then escaped to Dhaka. Much of this has now been confirmed and it appears that Nazeer has found safety in Bangladesh's capital city which has become a haven for terrorist organisations.

In addition to all of this, Nawaz's interrogation has also confirmed the Pakistani hand in terror attacks in India. It appears that the LeT, which is based in Pakistan, has a huge network that spans several cities and has an international reach extending from the Gulf to Bangladesh. This network is extremely well-organised, enabling it to evade security agencies and gather funds to carry out its nefarious designs. What is extremely disturbing is that the Lashkar has been increasing luring youth from south India to join its ranks. This is particularly so in Kerala where the terrorist organisation has made significant inroads in the last few years. There has been a proliferation of organisations with extremist ideologies in the State which has helped the LeT gain ground here. Reports of jihadi training camps in Kannur and Ernakulam have also surfaced, something which is definitely a matter of great concern. Kerala has thus emerged as an important base for organisations like the Lashkar. Therefore, it is absolutely must that the terror network in the State be neutralised to prevent the jihadis from making further gains. For starters, the unholy alliance between the Kerala CPI(M) and Abul Nasser Madani's PDP must be condemned.

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