Hindu Vivek Kendra
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Incursions increase

Incursions increase

Author: Editorial
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: April 10, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/168619/Incursions-increase.html

Taliban could be eyeing Jammu & Kashmir

The recent spate of encounters that our security forces have had with terrorists infiltrating the LoC is indeed a major cause for worry. Given the frequency and the nature of the infiltrations, it is quite possible that we might have to brace ourselves for bloody times ahead. On the eve of the general election the security situation in Jammu & Kashmir looks anything but stable with hundreds of terrorists reportedly waiting to cross the border and unleash mayhem. It is not surprising that with elections around the corner jihadi groups have doubled their efforts to spread terror. After all, terror strikes during polls make the most impact. But what is of serious alarm is that the recent infiltrations are qualitatively much more sinister, and therefore, the rising concern about them within the security establishment is not unfounded. For one, in a significant shift from the trend over the last few years, terrorists have been infiltrating in large groups as was discovered during the fierce encounters in Kupwara and Gurez sectors of the Valley in the last few weeks. This is something that hasn't been seen since 2004 when the LoC was fenced. That now the terrorists have reverted back to their old strategy, in spite of it being riskier (the snow-covered mountain passes haven't fully cleared up) is a measure of how motivated the present lot of jihadis are to carry out their evil designs.

Also, from what the security forces have seen so far, these terrorists are far better trained and equipped than what has been previously encountered. Contrary to the traditional hit-and-run techniques of the militants in the Valley, these jihadis are not afraid to stay put and fight. This has even prompted senior officers within the security establishment in Jammu & Kashmir to treat them as enemy 'soldiers'. There are also unconfirmed reports of a group of 20 to 30 Taliban fighters having crossed over in recent weeks. If this is true then we are looking at a completely new security threat. For, the Taliban, unlike other jihadis, are not bound by the 'logic' of a separatist movement. Their mission is simply to create terror and impose their heinous brand of Islamism. In that sense they are far more unpredictable and dangerous than local militant groups in the Valley. Given all this, it is a matter of concern that New Delhi is doing little more than indulge in customary responses to counter the surge in cross-border terrorism. Although the security forces have been put on high alert across the western border, the present rush in infiltrations will require much more to contain it.

The deteriorating security environment in Pakistan doesn't help either. In fact, it is quite possible that the resurgent nature of the infiltrations this year is directly linked to Islamabad letting the Taliban and its ilk have their way in parts of that country, if not all. Also, due to the persistent bombing of Taliban camps in Pakistan's north-west by US forces, the jihadis have been increasingly forced to move east. Since Islamabad cannot be counted upon, the only option left for New Delhi is to halt the terrorists at the LoC and gun down every jihadi who dares to put his foot on Indian soil. Unless this is done and the threat from these infiltrations is taken seriously, the Taliban could be slipping in through the back door even as political parties fight to form the next Government at the Centre. Soon, it may be too late to do anything, unless we act decisively now.

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