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New Balinese Temple in Belgium

New Balinese Temple in Belgium

Author: Sidarta Wijaya
Publication: blog.baliwww.com
Date: October 25, 2008
URL: http://blog.baliwww.com/religion/2190

A good news for Balinese came from Belgium; a new Balinese Hindu temple is established in Paradisio Parc, Belgium. This new temple was established in a 55-ha bird park by Eric Domb, a Belgian who has deep affection to Bali. Though the construction of this new temple had been completed but the inauguration ceremony (pemelapas) have been conducted yet so the follower of Balinese Hindu faith can not pray in this temple yet. This temple will be opened for public next year.

This new temple in Belgium is the biggest Balinese Hindu temple outside Indonesia. It took several months for completion. The first stage of construction started in August 2007 until January 2008, the second stage started in April 2008 until August 2008. 30 artists and 300 containers building materials of were brought from Bali for the construction of this temple.

If we look at the photos of this new temple, Balinese can easily mistake this temple with Gelap temple in Besakih Mother Temple complex on account of the mist, the surrounding vegetations and the material of the temple, which dominate by black porous stone.

This new temple in Belgium will be an oasis for Balinese and the follower of Balinese Hindu faith who live in Europe to alleviate homesick for the paradise island of Bali

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