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Nitish ridicules Sheila claim

Nitish ridicules Sheila claim

Author: Amarnath Tewary
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: May 5, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/174084/Nitish-ridicules-Sheila-claim.html

No truck with Congress

A day after Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit claimed that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar might have a post-poll alliance with the Congress, Nitish on Monday refuted any such possibility while describing Sheila's claim as "unfounded and without any basis". Nitish also refuted suggestions that there was any possibility of having any truck with the Left parties.

"Though I've not heard what Sheila has said, on the basis of what has come out in some sections of the media, I can say that such assumptions are totally unfounded. There must be some reason for such kind of talk, but I think there is no such basis for this," Nitish said, while leaving for his campaign trail on Monday morning.

The Bihar Chief Minister reiterated that the JD(U) was a constituent of the NDA and it would remain so in future also.

Meanwhile, the BJP also dismissed as "irresponsible and imaginary" Sheila Dikshit's statement that the JD(U) may align with the Congress after the election and demanded an apology.

"This is the most irresponsible statement ever made by Sheila Dikshit. I would say that such an irresponsible statement has never been made by anyone so far," BJP leader Yashwant Sinha told reporters.

Seeking an apology from Dikshit for giving a "wrong statement", Sinha said, "She has lost her credibility after making such imaginary claim. I feel she should apologise to the people of this country for giving such a wrong statement because, while being at the post of a Chief Minister, she has lost her credibility (after this)."

Pointing out that Nitish Kumar has contradicted Dikshit's claim, Sinha said: "Dikshit should now explain on what basis she gave such statement that JD(U) may align with the Congress after the election.

In an interview to a private news channel, the Delhi Chief Minister on Sunday said that the JD(U) might join the Congress after the Lok Sabha poll. "Nitish Kumar has hinted at joining the Congress, but he has not confirmed as yet. He is waiting for the poll results to decide which party to support," the CM said.

Vehemently refuting the Delhi CM's claim, Nitish said he was not in touch with the Congress at all and there was no possibility for it also.

"I am sweating it out campaigning in Bihar to make an NDA Government at the Centre and my party is an alliance partner of the NDA," Nitish said.

The Bihar Chief Minister also clarified that there was no possibility of having any truck with the Left parties after the poll.

"Though we share similar views on many issues, like on nuclear issue, that does not mean at all that we're going to have any post-poll alliance with the Left parties," explained Nitish Kumar.

Earlier, Nitish was quoted by a private news channel that the Left parties and he were old friends since the days of Janata Dal and share common views on a number of issues.

The views expressed by the Bihar Chief Minister stirred some political speculation, but soon Nitish cleared the dust that sharing common views on issues did not mean to get into any alliance with the Left parties after the LS poll.

"JD(U) is a constituent of the NDA and it will remain so. We're working hard to form the NDA Government at the Centre and so there is no question of going with any other alliance," Nitish said emphatically.

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