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Madani raised huge funds for terror from S Arabia

Madani raised huge funds for terror from S Arabia

Author: Rahul Tripathi
Publication: The Times of India
Date: June 7, 2009
URL http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/Delhi/Madani-raised-funds-from-Saudi-in-name-of-madarsas/articleshow/4625856.cms

'Money in Name of Madrassas Diverted To Jihadi Activities'

Two days after he was arrested, Lashkare-Taiba (LeT) operative Mohammad Umer Madani has told the Delhi police that he had raised huge funds from Saudi Arabian countries over the past 10 years while recruiting young men for terror activities. The Delhi police special cell has also traced a bank account, reportedly containing Rs 20 lakh in Nepalese currency, and credit card issued to him by a bank in Nepal.

The LeT headhunter has also revealed names of 12 people whom he had recruited in the past five years-two from Bihar and 10 from Nepal. "He has provided their names and addresses and we are trying to locate them," said a senior police officer.

Madani is reported to have told the police that he has been running several madrassas on the Indo-Nepal border and frequently visits Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. "Madani used to collect money from several organisations in Saudi Arabia in the name of funding madrassas in Nepal. He had diverted the funds collected between 1998 and 2008 for jihadi activities," the officer added.

After mounting pressure in 2004, Madani fled to Qatar and raised funds there. He came back to Nepal in 2006 where he started Nice Travels and Tours and again started headhunting, said a source.

From his diary, the police have found several contacts. "Several emails addresses, possibly of his contacts in Pakistan, Nepal and Saudi Arabia, have also been traced. We are trying to decipher the contents in these e-mails, which could reveal some terror plot," the officer said.

The police have also zeroed in on the money transferring agency in Nepal that Madani used.

The police said Madani will be taken to Patna and Aligarh where he met two people and handed them US dollars and fake Indian currency while on way to Delhi.

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