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US duplicity exposed

US duplicity exposed

Author: Editorial
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: June 10, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/181946/US-duplicity-exposed.html

American aid helps Pakistan buy arms

It is with cynical weariness that the world reads the report about Pentagon documents having revealed that Pakistan has used American aid meant to fight terrorism to equip its Army with weapons for war against India. Pentagon documents accessed by the media have revealed that the Bush Administration provided Pakistan with billions of dollars worth of weapons with the full knowledge that they were meant for use against India. Several agreements with Pakistan were signed for the supply of weapons that had nothing to do with fighting terrorism, while funds given to Islamabad to take on terrorist groups were brazenly diverted to buy military hardware for conventional warfare. The US Government under former President George W Bush had justified virtually all US assistance to Pakistan in terms of fighting terrorism. The US Congress, during Mr Bush's tenure, had criticised his Administration for not ensuring the proper utilisation of the assistance provided to Pakistan. However, despite these objections, US aid to Pakistan continued unfettered. This makes it apparent that these funds had been misused with the full knowledge of the US Government and that it is Washington, DC that is driving Pakistan to war with India. This is nothing but yet another classic example of American duplicity.

President Barack Obama had entered the White House with strong views against Mr Bush's policies towards Pakistan and had expressed reservations about military assistance to Islamabad. During his election campaign last year, he had created the impression that he would usher in 'change' and that once elected he would see to it that US foreign policy is guided by the ideals of non-violence, peace and global cooperation. However, it now appears that those promises were nothing but empty rhetoric since it seems that Mr Obama has no qualms whatsoever about continuing with the Bush's Administration's policies. According to latest reports, the US Congress is considering yet another aid package for Pakistan with a substantial military component. This, even as its members shed crocodile tears about Islamabad misusing US aid to arm itself against India. This kind of blatant hypocrisy, although nothing new as far as American foreign policy is concerned, was not expected of President Obama who, it was thought, would restore some credibility to the image of the US. No doubt the founding fathers of American democracy - people that Mr Obama loves so much to quote in his eloquent speeches - would be turning in their graves. It is fast becoming clear that Mr Obama does not have the vision or the foresight to be a world leader. If he is to redeem himself he must effect a course correction in US foreign policy and deliver the 'change' he has promised.

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