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'Conversion led to Kandhamal riots'

'Conversion led to Kandhamal riots'

Author: PTI
Publication: Mumbai Mirror
Date: July 4, 2009
URL: http://www.mumbaimirror.com/index.aspx?page=article&sectid=3&contentid=20090704200907040259546838eb2b036

Introduction: Justice Mohapatra, probing the riots in Orissa last year, says the government should remove differences between communities

Conversion and re-conversion were among the major factors which led to the riots in Orissa's Kandhamal district last year, a judicial commission probing the violence has said.

"Sources of the violence were deeply rooted in land disputes, conversion and re-conversion and fake certificate issues," Justice S C Mohapatra, heading the one-man panel, said in his interim report on the violence in Kandhamal which claimed 43 lives besides damaging many houses and churches.

He, however, did not elaborate on the conversions and reconversions issue.

"Suspicion among the scheduled tribe and scheduled caste inhabitants of Kandhamal is the main cause of riots, with the tribals suspecting that 'Pano' dalits were capturing their land through fraudulent means," Justice Mohapatra said.

Besides the issues of land and conversion and re-conversion, Justice Mohapatra said fake certificates were another major factor that created discontent among Kandha tribals who constitute 52 per cent of Kandhamal's population.

Justice Mohapatra, who submitted the interim report on July 1, said the government should take steps immediately to remove differences between the communities.

"I know it will take at least two years to complete inquiry, but interim report will help the government to make immediate intervention," he said.

Justice Mohapatra said in his 28-page report that most Kandha tribals were uneducated and were under the impression that quotas meant for them were being availed of by 'Pana' dalits, who were Christians.

This was another factor behind tribal anger, he said suggesting the state government expedite freeing of tribal

land in possession of non-tribals, take up fake certificate cases and remain vigilant to conversion and re-conversion.

Replying to a question, Justice Mohapatra said he had not blamed anybody for the violence in the interim report.

Sources, however, said the commission which was set up on September 3 last year could fix responsibility for the violence on any organisation or government body.

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