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Taliban ask Pak Hindus to pay Rs 6 million as tax

Taliban ask Pak Hindus to pay Rs 6 million as tax

Author: PTI
Publication: The Pioneer
Date: June 29, 2009
URL: http://www.dailypioneer.com/185764/Taliban-ask-Pak-Hindus-to-pay-Rs-6-million-as-tax.html

An unidentified caller claiming to represent the Taliban demanded Rs 6 million as "jiziya" from the minority Hindu community of Battagram district in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province on Sunday.

The caller made the demand during a phone call to local Hindu leader Parkash. He asked Parkash, a doctor, to collect Rs 6 million from the Hindus in Battagram and pay the amount to the Taliban.

According to media reports, the caller said all minorities living in Battagram must pay "jiziya" or a tax levied on non-Muslims.

Last month, some 35 Sikh families were forced to leave their homes in the Aurakzai tribal region after they failed to pay a jiziya of Rs 50 million demanded by the Taliban. The militants burnt their houses and looted their shops.

Following the call, security agencies have launched an inquiry to confirm the caller's identity.

District police chief Sohail Khalid said he was unaware of the call. He said similar calls and threatening letters had also been received by NGOs and other people in Battagram. In some cases, persons had posed as the Taliban to settle "personal scores", Khalid said.

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