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Tandav of political violence in Bengal: Guv

Tandav of political violence in Bengal: Guv

Author: Sabyasachi Bandopadhyay
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: August 7, 2009
URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/tandav-of-political-violence-in-bengal-guv/499161/

With political violence claiming over 50 lives in the state since the Lok Sabha elections, Governor Gopalkrishna Gandhi on Thursday came down heavily on all political parties.

"Following the Lok Sabha elections, our state has witnessed a veritable tandav of political violence. Not a day passes without someone somewhere being killed for his politics. The widows' wail rends each day," a statement signed by the Governor said.

Referring to the delegations from the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the Left Front who met him over the past three days, urging him to do something to stop violence, Gandhi asked: "When the leading political formations of West Bengal have the same objective why should violence not abate?" He also provided the answer: "Because, I believe those who can act are not doing so."

"Three fears burn in the political life of our state: of fear, of the agony of bereavement, of rage. It becomes the duty of our state's political leaders to tell their supporters that they must stamp out these fears.... It becomes their duty to identify the violent within their own organisations and leave them to be dealt with," he said.

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