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Wahid Baloch, President Baloch Society of North America on the Jt. Statement of India and Pakistan.

Wahid Baloch, President Baloch Society of North America on the Jt. Statement of India and Pakistan.

Author: Nagesh Bhushan
Publication: South Asia Analysis
Date: August 11, 2009
URL: http://www.southasiaanalysis.org/%5Cpapers34%5Cpaper3349.html

1. The recent Indo-Pak Joint statement in Egypt raised considerable ruckus in India for including restive province of Pakistan, Baluchistan. Do you think that Baluch issue is internationalized by this?

Depends on what you mean by Internationalized? If you think internationalizing mean people around the world came to know about what is going on inside Baluchistan, then 'Yes', but if you mean recognition of Baluch struggle for freedom by United Nation or world leaders, then 'No'. At this point, neither the UN nor the world leaders have recognized Baluchistan as an illegally occupied land which the Baluch people are demanding.

2. In Pakistan some groups questioned for not including Kashmir, why do you think Kashmir is excluded?

Kashmir issue is created by Pakistan. There is no Kashmir issue. Unlike Baluchistan an occupied land, Kashmir was and is an integral part of India. Kashmiri separatist religious movements only exists and is based in Pakistani occupied Kashmir, where ISI and Military men train Kashmiri terrorists and send them to India to bleed the innocent people.

3. Is India aiding Baluch struggle?

No, not yet. We have not seen any help coming from India or any other country so for, but we ask all the nations including India to help us and support our just cause for freedom.

4. In the past Pakistan made similar allegations that they had proof of Indian involvement in the Baluch region but didn't produced any evidence. Why do you think Pakistan included Baluchistan in Joint Statement now?

Pakistan is trying to divert the attention of Indian Government and world community from its involvement in Mumbai attacks and other Taliban sponsored related activities. They also want to use this "Threats in Baluchistan" and "Indian involvement" as a pretext to pave the way to intensify their ongoing military operation in Baluchistan and to justify their inhuman barbaric actions against Baluch people.

5. If not India then who is arming Baluch militants?

Nobody is arming Bloch people. These are baseless allegations of Pakistan to use these as pretext to continue their aggression against the defenseless Baluch people.

Arms are available in open market, in fact everywhere in Pakistan. If you have the "moola", you can buy a tank, even in Islamabad, Lahore or in Karachi. Pakistani corrupt military men will bring it to you at your door steps. You don't have to go get it. They will sell you anything for money.

6. Is there any rationale in Pakistan's allegations about India arming Baluch militant groups while seriously engaging in negotiation with Iran and Pakistan on gas Pipeline?

Pakistan's creation was the biggest blunder of the history, it is an artificial country. How can you expect an irrational Pakistan to talk and act with some sense of rationale?

As for as the tri-pipeline is concerned, Baluch people cannot guarantee its safe passage through Baluchistan, because the final beneficiary of this pipeline is Pakistani Punjab and military and Iranian regime - not the people of Baluchistan. We are in the midst of our freedom struggle against Pakistan, therefore it is advisable for India to exercise caution before investing in this project, until our land is liberated from Pakistan.

7. Do you support Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline?

I will support anything that benefits Baluch people and Baluchistan, as I said we cannot guarantee its safe passage now. We do not support Pakistan to continue loot and plunder our resources and treat us as one of their colony.

8. Iranian Baluch group Jundullah use religion to fight against Shia state of Iran, whereas Pakistani based groups are considered very secular and never used religion in their struggle against Pakistan. Do you support acts of Jundullah?

No. Jundullah is a terrorist organization. I strongly denounce Jundullah and its activities. Jundullah is being funded by Pakistani ISI to counter the Baluch secular Nationalist movement. Jundullah must stop its radical activities which are detrimental to Baluch National cause. Jundullah must be replaced by a Baluch nationalist secular movement in Iranian occupied Baluchistan.

- The author is an analyst with many years of experience of study on the developments in South Asia and also blogs at intellibriefs.com covering Geopolitics, Security & Intelligence. The views expressed by the author are his own. He can be reached at intellibriefs@gmail.com

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