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Human rights should always impartial universal and equal for all

Human rights should always impartial universal and equal for all

Author: Jahangir Alam Akash
Publication: Human Rights Today
Date: September 4, 2009
URL: http://www.humanrightstoday.info/?p=1084

Torture history part-1

Every day has happening minority torture in Bangladesh. Day by day has increasing the list of minority repression incidents here. When would be stop inhumanity on minority community we don't know? We are very much worried about the minority oppression. 'Minority friend government' has now in power in Bangladesh. So, why still are doing struggle the minorities for their life, land, house and security?

Recently in Bangladesh was happened a gross human rights violation on Hindu minority. It was happened in northern part of Bangladesh. On 26th August, 2009 at noon some perpetrators with the help of Nazrul Islam, Magistrate and police entered into the premises of erstwhile communist leader Moni Krishna Sen situated at Mulatola Area of Rangpur town with a view to dispossess four Hindu families from the peaceful possession of their properties. Perpetrators with the help of police and Magistrate started throwing belongings, ulltencils of possessors, destroyed Durga structures situated thereon. But due to intervention and strong resistance of local people police and Magistrate could not disposes four Hindu families from there. Source: the daily Sangbad, 27th August, 2009.

Please see our previous report about minority repression: http://www.humanrightstoday.info/?p=1054
Sources said, The local people informed that at about 11.30am one hundred police along with some officers of Agrani Bank with the leadership of Nazrul Islam Executive Magistrate entered into the house of Late Moni Krishna Sen veteran communist leader and directed the inhabitants to leave and vacate the lands. In this opportunity some extortionists and hired goons came along with them, attacked temple, started destroying images of Durga Devi and other materials and looted belongings in front of executive Magistrate and police. As soon as the news of attack on temple thousands of people including women and children came forward and staged demonstration against illegal dispossession by the police and Magistrate. The executive Magistrate could not show any legal documents to anybody with regard to taking over. As a result of spontaneous demonstration, Magistrate and officers of Agrani Bank were confined into the house of Late Moni Krishna Sen. Please see our report about minority torture: http://www.humanrightstoday.info/?p=1065

Source told, police tried to control the situation and the magistrate any how took shelter of the police and rescued. Anguri Bala, Bhanu Rani and Laily Begum inhabitants of the lands alleged that some unknown hoodlums with the leadership of executive Magistrate directed them to leave their houses and in one stage they stated push them out from their possession, assaulted physically and looted belongings. Banamali Paul - President of Rangpur Puja Ujjapan Committee informed that some powerful land- grabbers manufactured some counterfeit documents and deeds for deception and to grab the land of erstwhile communist leader - Moni Krishna Sen. He also further stated that by those counterfeit documents they took loan from Agrani Bank but practically those lands were never transferred nor mortgaged. But ironically it was a drama to grab properties belonging to late Moni Krishna Sen. Mr. Paul also demanded exemplary punishment of the perpetrators responsible for demolition of Durga Devi and desecration of Hindu deities.

Please see our minority torture reports: http://www.humanrightstoday.info/?p=1068

He also demanded quick justice and dismissal of executive magistrate Nazrul Islam. Dr.Mamun Convenor of "Moni Krishna Sen Memorial TEVAGA ANDOLAN Committee" expressed concern over the incident and demanded legal action against the perpetrators. Nazrul Islam Executive Magistrate informed that he went to disposes the illegal inhabitants with written permission from the competent authority with the help of police.
On the other hand, a minority College Student tortured as he attended death anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman on 14thAugust, 2009 at Rupganj Upazila of Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. Source: he daily Janakantha, 18th August, 2009. Sources said, BNP Activists tortured physically Sujan Mondal - a minority student of Murapara Degree College as the victim attended death Anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman on 14th August, 2009. It is learnt from the family members of the victim that while Sujan Mondal attended the function of death anniversary at village Tan Mushuri within Rupganj Upazila some hoodlums numbering 4/5 belong to Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) with the leadership of Salam son of Rafique Meah enquired about why Sujan Mondal attended the function. On the spur of moment the hoodlums started beating Sujan indiscriminately with hock stick and bottle of Pepsi Cola and injured him seriously. They also tried to push broken bottle of Pepsi cola into his bally. Later he was taken to local Sahabashpur Hospital for admission with multiple injuries at Sahabazpur Hospital.

We think, know and broadly believe that, so-called institutionally educated intellectuals in Bangladesh are divided by our undemocratic and bad politics. In the same time our human rights leader-workers, journalists, professors, lawyers and other professionals are divided by political fascinations. When our nation came down in a bad situation, in spite of our politicians, political parties, professionals couldn't unite. It's a big tragedy for our nation.
'If you like Bangladesh Awami League and if someone victimized by Awami League then you have don't want to go with in favor of the said victim person'. Same situation comes when someone like BNP and someone victimized by BNP. In Bangladesh is a fact and true the above example. Though, in Bangladesh have some exceptionality. But, this type of people's amount is not good.

So, for the protection of human rights and rule of law as well as democracy and peace should need to change our mind setup. And as human rights defender should have to do forget all kinds of political fascination for the greater interest of human rights and for as well as rights of minority. If you would have to say something for human rights then you should be impartial and should be universal for all. 4-9-2009.

Editor of the Human Rights Today

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